Bootcamp of Asian American student. (Day 1)

In this video you would see his day 1 of his bootcamp. You even see Jan Scam Lifestyle in this video. You know that instagram picture of him saying he is approaching a dime. When she is only like 7.6/10. I banged a 9/10 or 8.5/10 depending on who you asked who saw her video. I pulled 2 blondes in 7 minutes who looked better and f-closed one. This student was there. My student out did Jan and his students as I promised him in this video. 4 pulls, no f-closes. I even posted how Jan Scam, he has no testimonials of daygame students success in this video. All of this is a fact. You can decide for yourself if you want to be scammed or not. I won’t tell you how to think. I can only offer you facts. I hope you don’t think I am hating because yes I pulled 2 blondes who are hotter. I can’t hate on someone I am better than. My students are better than. I can pity someone or expose someone for frauding their clients. Yes I did f-close one. Yes, my students out did him and his students with 4 pulls. Yes Jan has zero daygame testimonials, yes this is all facts. But I hope you enjoy this video. Yes I will post all my recent students pulls. Actually I taught like 12 bootcamps these few months. 10 pulled. There was 5 lays altogther if you don’t count one guy having a fuck buddy. This month, I taught 8 bootcamps, 7 times they have pulled. The guy who didn’t has a fuck buddy from my first bootcamp. They all got results. Almost all pulled the first day of their bootcamp. Just do the math. 1+2 = 3. Taking my bootcamp + training with me = you pulling and getting laid. 1 + 2 = 3. Training with Jan Lifestyle + taking his bootcamp = no pulls daygame for any students, no lays. Only online course, one. Night game testimonials only = you getting scammed. = a fool and his money will part ways.


Factually I am speaking the truth. If you want to see how Jan Lifestyle and he has zero daygame testimonials. He only managed to get one online course testimonial. What was his course called? Pure Scam? Not pure game. But he wants to release a product on how to scam, make money. Then use social circle, online dating because his system is such a failure. He puts himself up there as an authority of daygame, without even getting any students results. Lets be real here, that guy is good looking. Of course looks don’t matter to him. I’ll make a post about the psychology of a scammer and how he is just an entrepreneur who uses daygame to make money. If he made over $800,000 scamming others while having zero testimonials for the daygame. If you did the math, $2000 per bootcamp X 400 students. If you do that math, this could be the biggest scam in the PUA industry.

The bootcamp prices are $2100 usd now. Or like $2900 for three days or more with exchange rate. You think it is too expensive and the highest in B.C? Lol, why would you pay $2000 to Jan Lifestyle or Jan Huang who has zero daygame testimonials and only one success story for his online product? Most of my international clients got laid using my online product. Actually its very high because they have time to practice. Even hardcases online gets laid over time. I decided to rename my online course to the Wayne Bible. It covers all the concepts of Wayne Game. But without the lock in scam process nonsense. Its $250 usd for it, a bargain. I might begin to phase out the skype coaching for it soon. Or raise the price. Maybe double or triple the price if I include the bootcamp material in it. So people can see how a bootcamp is run. I mean if people are paying me like double or more for the price of it at Wayne Dating Lifestyle. I might raise the price here. If you buy my product here, I get to keep the profits. If you bought it at my Wayne Dating Lifestyle stuff, I have to give part of the money away to the company. Get my product that gets you 80% pull rate vs Jan Scams bullshit product. What is it called? Social tribe? more like anti social tribe. In the future I would talk about the psychology of a scammer. It involves the dark triad personality, or anti social personality disorder. Beware of scams.

Links to Scam Lifestyle’s lack of testimonials or student results click here and here

I’m an idealist, I think I can save Asian guys from going extinct. This generation 51% of Asian women marries a white guy. 1/5, 200 million of you will never procreate or get married. So, your future is important to me. Instead you give up your future to Jan Lifestyle’s account or wallet. Just to be scammed out of your future. You don’t realize it is just going to get worst. More and more white guys will date Asian girls. Do you enjoy retreating to night clubs because the natural and direct scam game that works for tall handsome guys doesn’t work for you? In the future they will have half white, half Asians everywhere. You won’t even make it to the next generation. Like panda bears going extinct. Liking RSD concepts and natural and direct. Just to be eradicated from the gene pool. All my students are intuitive and knows something is wrong with RSD and their concepts.

I’m going to get announced as a Wayne Dating Lifestyle coach officially soon. So the traffic I get with it, will expose Jan Scam Lifestyle or Jan Huang for the scam he is. Like buying my domain name. Listen, if Jan took your money and didn’t give you a bootcamp. Like stories I heard from Project Vancouver. (I mean Justin Wayne also charged peoples credits cards too taking their money. Fact) If Jan did that and took your money. Or you didn’t get any results. On the contact me page. If you write Jan Scam Discount. I will offer you a deal for the bootcamp. I will include a free skype coaching for every day of bootcamp. Each are normally $200 USD. You have to prove you took a bootcamp with him. Yes I have to do more repair work. I should double your price instead of giving you a deal. Most of the Jan students are RSD victims and totally damaged coming to me. I’m going to raise the price of my online product soon. I mean if it is so powerful and people are pulling and getting laid for $250. Its like I am giving it away for too cheap. I think I should raise the price. I don’t intend to make other products. Every topic has been covered. I might consider a fashion aesthetics, positive stereotype product. For those Asians who got scammed looks don’t matter shit. No it doesn’t matter, but aesthetics helps me students pulls and get the hook point. When they look more like a positive stereotype. I don’t know, I hope I can get though some of the people who are stubborn. Your decide your future. I won’t tell you what to think. You weight everything. Trust your gut instincts. You know deep inside something is wrong with RSD and Scam Lifestyle. They both have RSD concepts. It is why it doesn’t work for Asians and minorities.

The reason why my prices is high. I am one of the best daygame coaches in the world statistically. With my testimonials, you can’t deny it. If it were up to me, i’ll double it. You are paying for a premium coaching service. Its too expensive to pay $2000 to someone who is not going to get you a pull or laid from daygame somewhere else. Do the math. My bootcamps are one on one. It last longer too. I don’t just say, okay 4 hours, fuck off. I’m not Jan Lifestyle. I care about your success. I’m not in it for the money, but to change the world for the better. I’m helping minorities fight back.


-John Wayne

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