White student instadates hot Asian girl in bootcamp

White student is now dating some of the hottest Asian girls. But he dated a blonde and many others. I have a bootcamp to teach of a new student. I’ll post what I can. Stay tuned. Its like one attempt, one instadate now for him. Another black girl working in a store, was about to go to an instadate. But she felt sick. Then he instadated her. He tried to pull her, but he called out the earphone, where she thinks he is talking to someone. She isn’t wrong, I was in ear coaching him.

The thing i’m most proud of is having a white guy progressively escalate. Most doesn’t because the are too privileged to. This would give him cutting edge tools beyond most white PUAs. The amount of dates in a short time. Pulling an Asian girl to her hostel and now this. If you compared him to Jan Lifestyle side by side video. They are both privledged. One is white, the other is a super tall strong good looking Asian. When they both have advantages, my student will obviously win. This guys game is way beyond Jan’s. Until he gets laid, not just pull. He would be able to out skill him. Seriously, this guy is goods enough to make a youtube channel of pickup. Edit: He did get laid now.


I’m glad he doesn’t have to use the natural and direct nonsense. We saw Jan Scam’s students getting rejected left and right. Most likely they will get zero results. You might put yourself as the authority of daygame. But when it comes to student results. Having zero results, zero pulls, zero lays for students. Jan Lifestyle or Jan Huang technically might be the worlds worst daygame coach. If you do the math. I won’t tell you how to think. He is even releasing a product when only one student got laid from it? I mean, the lowest odds in the world because he is too good looking, unrelatable and his game is purely based on looks maxing and vibbing his LMS. He has no game. But that is for you to decide. I can’t tell you what to think. But looking statistically there is a point.

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