East Indian student has pulled again, second bootcamp 2/2

Pulled another girl back home, escalated, but making similar mistakes. Too natural, too platonic, too much romance. No sexual spicing. Some good escalation. Regardless, he pulled. So is that like 5/6 bootcamps in a row pulling? I’ll edit in some pictures soon. My pc ran out of memory for SSD drive. I’ll post some videos too. But if my students are pulling so consistently. Ask yourself, other lesser bootcamps, the students never pulled. Then why are my current students doing so well? 2 of them got laid already. For that one student who didn’t pull, he already has a fuck buddy from my first bootcamp. So you decide how to spend your hard earn money. If my students are always getting laid and pulling. Wouldn’t that be a better investment? Its up to you. I won’t tell you how to think.


Pizza dude got in the way of my shot. Almost ruined it. I can’t believe I was in ear coaching him during his pull in the bedroom. Then I dropped my phone and the sim card fell out. Then couldn’t call him again. Kept telling him to sexually spice it. Smh.

But the weird thing was, if you looked at my students infields. You compare it to Jan Lifestyle’s clips. Isn’t it weird my students could literally out do him in terms of skill? I’m not speaking about opinions, if I put them both side by side in clips. Factually you would see my students could out do him for what is shown on youtube side by side. I’m going to edit the infields and the pulling. But even my students can demonstrate more skill. While I don’t have the audio. I would edit the entire bootcamp and make videos. Also, make more trailers too. I’m home now, but have few more students next week. Its been a busy month.


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