White student pulled pretty Asian girl to a hostel

4/5 students have pulled in a row now. I’ll post pictures in the morning. I just got back home from teaching a bootcamp. If that many students pulls on the first day of bootcamp. Then, maybe there is something consistently powerful about my game. But why are you choosing someone elses bootcamp? You decide, do you want to pull, get laid. Or just get number closes that leads to nowhere? Being objective because this is factual that 4 students have pulled in a row. The East Indian student that didn’t pull, got an instadate. So, either way something has happened in every bootcamp. It seems no matter the ethnicity, students keeps pulling. The only thing in common was my style of game. I don’t care if you are white and you have yellow fever. I will train you. As long as you pay me. Since I work for Wayne Dating Lifestyle, my prices are the highest in Vancouver. But, it is because you are getting a premium luxury bootcamp from the best Asian daygame coach in the world. If I have so many testimonials and it keeps growing. I’d like to double the price if I could.

I’ll post a video of this like a teaser trailer. Too many bootcamps to teach lately. Have to edit it first and will post it.


Lol saying my student pulled on the video

We also made some changes to our program. For hardcase students in the future would be taught in symbols. Which bypasses memory since they can’t think in steps. If there is a way to improve the 80% pull rate, I want to aim for 85%. I want to solve this forever for all my future students.

He approached a blonde girl on the video of his bootcamp in a makeup store. He already has a date with her. Also, he can instadate on his second approach. On his bootcamp he already pulled a girl back to the hostel. He has zero daygame experience before he met me. Now he is making it happen. He is going to be the first white student ever to use progressive escalation. Most are so privledged on youtube, they don’t even kino. Or think it is twirling a girl in a circle. Honestly this guy will decimate them.


Based on all the data so far. It seems with 0 testimonials for natural and direct. It simply doesn’t work in Vancouver. I won’t tell you how to think. Versus 130 or more testimonials for our style at Wayne Dating Lifestyle. But if you do the math, isn’t it about time we all discard natural and direct out of Vancouver? It is hurting people in Vancouver and taking away their future. Forcing them to drop out of game. These are facts, not opinions based on the stats. I mean do you want to fail so badly then go night game? Or do you want to learn a system that works exactly as I said. A system where the students infields are more impressive than any natural and direct coaches. You decide, I won’t tell you how to think.

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