Jan Lifestyle testimonial fraud (Zero student daygame results) (Part 2)

Read part 1 of the article by clicking here. 

Well I couldn’t find any daygame testimonials last time on his site. So I went to his instagram. The screenshots are accurate on Jan Lifestyle, Jan Huang, Jan Scam’s instagram on May 20th, 2017. I’m am simply going to use facts and educate people of Vancouver. I’m going to post it and decode it for you. You decide whether or not he should teach you daygame. I’m only going to post facts to educate.

jan fraud 6.png

jan fraud 7

jan fraud 8.png

jan fraud 9.png

jan fraud 10.png

Lets do the math here. If he had nearly 400 students. But each bootcamp is $2000. But he has 0 daygame testimonials, but taught for 8 years. If you wanted to learn daygame for example in Vancouver. Did he fraud you guys out of $800,000. (Frauds: wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain) Lets say after tax about $700,000 estimate. So he made this much money teaching for 8 years without having a single daygame testimonial. I’ll let you decide if the math adds up or not. I say that is a good deal, to make that much money without a single daygame testimonial for a student getting laid. 0 daygame testimonials with only 1 testimonial for the online course means 99.9999% chance you won’t get laid with his daygame program. If you do the math factually. I’ll let you decide and I won’t tell you how to draw your conclusions.

My testimonials are here.

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