Another east Indian student pulled on John Wayne’s bootcamp…again

Isn’t it routine how students are pulling over and over and over again. Why is that? My theories are all correct about daygame, looks, ethnicity, everything.

This East Indian student pulled a women back to his place after bouncing her out of a coffee shop from daygame. He was struggling with daygame. We did a lot of drills and in ear coaching instead. But with his fashion and hair change, he was able to pull easily. Every student has a different style of bootcamp based on their ethnicity and circumstance. No two bootcamps are the same.

same day lay

I got he screenshot on whatsapp yesterday. If she wasn’t a virgin, it would of been a done deal. Still a pull with bedroom escalation from daygame.

vince results.png

Justin Wayne kicked me out of his secret group after I posted this screenshot and several over bootcamp students testimonials. I only posted facts and not opinions. But, maybe he didn’t want to contrast his students getting no results whatsoever. I found out from someone else in the group, he erased all of the testimonials. Whether it was censorship, or he didn’t like me saying I was John Wayne. Someone asked if I taught the Domino Effect, a black guy. He maybe didn’t want me to answer the question. His students who are getting instagram or facbook closes. Or insta-hangouts, whatever that is. Vs, my students are pulling at the first day of their bootcamp. Even my international students a week or less after their Skype session. Even if some Asians in Vancouver are stubborn to train with me. You guys don’t know what you are missing. They go to a local Asian guy with zero daygame testimonials. I’m not hating, I can’t hate on someone inferior to me, who is privledged in every category except race. Its not transferable, if you got looks to your advantage.

Even with Justin Wayne. If I am a better instructor than his side of the fence. Then, it isn’t my fault if his system can’t get his students any results. It isn’t my fault that my students have a 80% pull rate. I taught daygame for almost 3 years. I seen some unfair privledged things in game, I just adapted faster. I shouldn’t be punished for being too good at my job as a daygame coach. He did something nice once. He even refer me one student who later told me. He trained under Justin with very limited results, this Asian guy in the U.S. But with my training, 2 day later, he gets a same day lay. Then after his second training session for day 2’s. He is getting laid with a new girl even in sometimes in public bathroom once a week now. It’s ironic that this nice gesture showed how strong my teaching abilities are, in contrast. I stand by this theory below that it is 100% accurate. It helps me calibrate to every students. Do looks matter? Not really, but aesthetics or being a positive stereotype does. An instructor is only as good as his students. If an instructor is privileged and had advantages in the categories below. It might not transfer over to East Indian or Asian clients. Justin told me an Asian just needs to be more alpha. Or some nonsense, that sounds idealistically goods. But none of my Asian clients are alpha as me, but still pulling. It isn’t a guaranty being more alpha or dominant is automatically going to get her to jump on your dick as an Asian. He went on about how black guys had better personalities because they are more alpha than Asians. Not because they are preselected by blondes for their protector status, height/muscles. It is just idealistic unproven ideas. Our game is way stronger than the Domino Effect or whatever they sell these days. I’m not hating on him personally. I don’t know him, I have nothing against him on a personal level. We only spoke once for a brief 10 minutes. If he didn’t exist, I wouldn’t be a third generation Wayne. I’m speaking on a game perspective and field testing it. If he is fighting with my boss, it is none of my business nor do I really give a shit. It is like two brothers fighting, it happens. Sibling rivalry or something, no big deal. Due to my students results, I would say our system is maybe three times stronger or more. Or my version of it is. Romance and samepagology doesn’t work for Asian or East Indian guys. You have to exceed the girls value in ethnicity. It auto rejects you. I kept seeing this over and over, so I knew something was fishy about that system. I called it out, even during my first interview with Deepak Wayne. Even with my free 10 minute Skype coaching call with Justin for buying his products. Which hurt my game, not helped. I’m not stupid, I used to teach the Domino Effect a year and a half ago. With personality, sometimes over doing personality concepts is too gamey and unrelatable for negative stereotypes. But thanks to Justin, I created the real chart, with the UAR or universal attractive rating on the left side. I’ve said my rant. I can say all the daygame Waynes have the same brain. Analytical, scientific. But we all have different body types we filter the game with. So our conclusions are based on it. I’m the least privileged daygame Wayne. But I relate to every race, every age, every skill level according to my clients. In the future I will detail why the domino effect is different than our system. People thinks it is identical. It is not.


I’m going to edit a video here of the students approach to bouncing her. I lost him after he stepped outside. But this Starbucks was the daygame location. I was talking to another Asian guy telling him that I am a dating coach. He was shocked how my student just pulled her out of the Starbucks. I told him he is going for a pull back to his place. He asked me which company do I work for. I showed him.


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