Viet American Bootcamp students testimonial. (4 pulls)

This is a must watch testimonial. If you wanted to see what kind of results my students gets. Vs getting number closes and a coach telling you to make better eye contact. Or some irrelevant nonsense like be more congruent and be in the moment. So pay attention. He was trained by ABCs of Attraction. They claim they are the best Asian dating company in the world. But they couldn’t get my students any results or even a second date. It is common actually because i’m training a second ABCs of Attraction student right now over my Skype program.

The student struggled to open sets in the beginning. The girls just walked by. I will release a bootcamp video so you guys will see how it is conducted. What you should expect when you train with me. I will censor a lot of the trade secret or tactics. But a short time he was stopping sets. Improving his conversational skills. He was instadating girls and pulling them back. He had a 4 day bootcamp, but 3 pulls. But stayed another day and got his 4th pull. He didn’t fuck any of them but got some good reference experience. I suggest not getting a hostel with a roomate. I think he could of f-closed otherwise.

I ended up with 1 pull, with 2 hot blondes. I fucked one of them. I also dated a seperate hot blonde for a day 2 in front of the student. I shouldn’t have wandered off into gastown. I thought it was too early to pull, she needed more comfort. Could of been a second pull and f-close. Woulds of been even more epic. Regardless I hope you enjoy the video. You won’t get this kind of bootcamp experience anywhere else. My 80% student pull rate is intact. He is now one of my favorite students. If you are Asian, maybe stop wasting your money getting no results elsewhere and train with me. If you are on the fence, then what kind of instructor dates and pulls and f-closes in front of their students? None that I know of.

-John Wayne

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