Jan (the Scam) Lifestyle bought our VancouverDaygame.com domain

Since this is trending on google. Check out Jan’s testimonials or lack of it by clicking here.

You can read his scammy product by clicking here

I guess scam lifestyle. Or Jan Lifestyle who has zero daygame testimonials is so desperate to win, he only has buy the domain called VancouverDaygame. I never publically said anything about him. He was the other dating coach I am referring to. I should buy ScamJanLifestyle.com or something.

Am I a hater of him insulting him all this time? Nope. If someone is scamming Asians. That includes Justin Wayne, Jan Lifestyle, RSD out of their results. Or gives them no results. I really don’t respect people who are hurting my Asian people with bad game. When I don’t respect them, or they are beneath me in terms of coaching. I will insult them.

But i’m not changing the wordpress name. I’m not allowed to compete against my own company Wayne Dating Lifestyle. Besides, my boss Deepak Wayne said Jan has zero game, all looks. He critiqued his game, it doesn’t exist. I mean using night game and tinder, but not daygame calling it results. With zero testimonials, is not results. Only reason why I added his likes on his facebook was he was adding my friends on my facebook. You made the first move. Unless I am mistaken. Asians are paying for Julien Blanc copy and paste 3 vibes bullshit from Jan.

I’m not going to change my site’s name. The only reason why I didn’t go on the offensive because my boss told me not to. But I guess, once you made that move. We will have to. scam.png

You think you are the only one who can troll? I’ve trolled you for 2 years. Doesn’t matter.

I’m going to put back Wayne Dating Lifestyle logo on my page. But in the future, when none of your clients has pulled daygame. All your clients will go to me for repair work. Maybe you didn’t realize, your goods looks, height and muscles doesn’t transfer over to clients with your RSD Tyler, Julien Blanc game who has taught you. You don’t look like the typical Asian. The only reason you stuggled in the beginning was acting autistic socially. You are essentially destroying their future. It was the actual reason I became a dating coach. I’m trying to save the Asian race and other minorities. You just want to profit from them as a business man. He even tried to buy out another dating coach site. Some other coach who didn’t attack me so I won’t attack him. Listen, Jan is a psychopath. He stonewalls people like his clients because he has no empathy. Everyone knows this, he doesn’t operate with empathy. Google sociopath stonewalling. I’m much more ruthless than the other guy. I also work for Wayne Dating Lifestyle. You are small fry compared to us. I also have a big company backing me. Well since you are keeping the domain, I am going to keep the scam lifestyle logo on my front page. I might even make a heading called Jan Scam Lifestyle.

I only became a dating coach in Vancouver because you were so bad at it. You created me in a way. You even steal clients money at your Project Vancouver and not pay them back. That’s so fucked up because my students are happy and getting laid. While yours are only doing so in night game. Why not be a night game coach instead. Daygame isn’t your thing. Now all my students are pulling in the first day of bootcamp. You can’t even get your students a pull in daygame. Or just flaky phone numbers. I guess not only Justin Wayne is threatened when I posted screenshots of my students at daygame pulling non stop. But you are too. I guess I became too good at my job.

I personally like this new logo. I think it is very accurate and very creative.


Take down the fake site. Or i’ll keep calling you Jan Scam Lifestyle. Everyone who googles it which is suppose to go to my site. That is going to yours. They will see my site anyways. Really doing the same thing to you. I’ll talk about you by name every time. You take down that site or same name as mine, i’ll remove the name Jan Scam Lifestyle from all of my post. Only say local tall handsome, strong unrelatable dating coach. I’ll take down the logo too. Either way, I don’t care. I’m perfectly willing to leave the logo like this for years. If you are desperate for clients to scam, keep hustling dude. I’ll keep trolling you back. The smarter intuitive people. Also, your former clients will come to me anyways. Especially when they need repair work. For once, there is an Asian guy in B.C more alpha and ruthless than you are. More skillful too and a better teacher. Well you got no testimonial except for the online course. Your new testimonials are dating submissive Asians, not banging them. Also, online dating like tinder? What the fuck are you teaching them? I have 120 testimonials pulling, getting laid ect. I’m 120X better than you at teaching statistically speaking. When you take down the site, i’ll take down your name. You don’t even have to talk to me or contact me. I have no problems leaving it there. Next video is going to decode his testimonials. I guess whoever googles his name will find this site. Works out better for me anyways. People can say I am not a positive. Or I am hating. But people usually hate on those above them. But my psychology is I hate on people beneath me. Who are hurting my fellow Asians. I’m sure you are laughing, since you have no empathy or care about Asians you scam.

-John Wayne

Edit: something is happening. I am having a bigger audience than I had in the past. By talking about Jan Huang or Jan Scam, or Jan Lifestyle. It is bringing me his audience I never would of reached in the past. I’m having a bigger audience from different parts of the world I never had and way more views. Actually him buying my domain seems to be backfiring on him. At least people knows his behavior. He offered to buy another dating coaches domain for $100,000. Mine for cheap since I didn’t register it since I can’t compete against Wayne Dating Lifestyle. So I decided to educate the audience the entire week why they shouldn’t take his bootcamps or services. So that way it will direct traffic onto my site. So people can learn and educate themselves about scam services like his that gets you no results. By focusing on him positively, but educating people with just facts. It would grow my audience and finally make them recognize my work. My abilities to get people laid and pull 80% of the girls to the bedroom. Unlike him using night game or tinder for his students because his style in daygame failed them so badly.

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