Escalation ladder: Why you need to use it

One privileged (good looking, tall, strong) dating coach would say, he doesn’t escalate. You don’t physically escalate in daygame. Or you don’t physically escalate at dates. Just go to three locations and back to your place. I would tell you why this statement oozes value and privileges that you will not share.

What is the escalation ladder and what it isn’t. According to someone, who claims there is no escalation ladder for daygame or dating. Why would someone say that? Have you noticed not a single privileged white dating coach touches in daygame? Can you name any that touches? I can’t think of any off the top of my head. But why don’t they touch? because their value is super high.


If you can see the middle part of the chart. You see natural status. So for the top chart for those coaches at Street Attraction. Tbh, I have no idea who they are. I don’t spend time watching garbage. But, you can see the natural status chart is maxed out. Meaning white privilege in dating. However for tall strong, handsome Asian dating coaches. Their natural status is the same as mine, last place. So they looks max and tell you looks don’t matter. Or they say fuck no. But, wait a minute, for a person who has every single preselected and protector status, height, face, muscles category telling you that looks don’t matter. So it really isn’t game, but maximizing on the looks category. The only game tactic they teach is on the right side, vibe, or the 3 vibes. No emphasis on conversational skills. Just a 3 minute privileged conversation and a number close. Be congruent, be in the moment, be privileged. Lets be honest, none of the shit works, no matter how many of you Asian guys tried it. Be congruent to being Asian? Be congruent to having lesser social skills, be congruent to be a fobby negative stereotype? Then give her a compliment when you have lesser value? I use fashion to my advantage for looks. I purely am maxing out game, while the other coaches only has it less than half of the chart. They have higher other categories so they need less game. Asians uses RSD concepts and Simple Pickup because to them looks don’t matter. Or the like to ignore those categories. So they never improve their fashion.

QFT secret.png

So they claim the progressive ladder is about touching her shoulder. Then going for a half hug, then holding her hands. Then kissing her. I’ll tell you why this is misguided and wrong. The pink section is the touch. But the left section is the qualifier. Although here at Wayne Dating Lifestyle, we also use emotional investment instead of qualifiers. In the middle is the flirt ladder. Which is identical to what other tall strong, handsome Asian dating coaches will do. But they will only go up the ladder 2-3 times. We have like 5 times for the flirt ladder. If you think about going from touch to touch, without flirting or even qualifications, I call QFT level 1-5. It will not work. I get it, people pirated a Justin Wayne product and think they understand us. Our game is different than theirs. Like comparing Jiu Jitsu to Brazilian Ju Jitsu. We are more technical, more adaptive and effective. But we do a very smooth progression that feels natural. We never force it like Justin Wayne. It gives our game a negative stereotype that we just force the hand hold or grabs. We only do it when it is smooth and natural. Inbetween all of this stuff, you see in the blue. It is all normal conversation. It draws her into emotionally investing. If you were jumping from building to building. It wouldn’t make sense to jump with too much distance apart. The Qualifier and flirt, or multiple flirts as I personally use before the touch. It is like having two or a few more smaller buildings inbetween the bigger building of touch.

Lets talk about dating and the progressive ladder.

jan sucks.png

There are different type of dates. There is instadates which I am doing here, that led to a same day lay. If you take a 5’7 guy like me vs a 6’1 women. I don’t have the value. She will be two inches taller than the other dating coach. But she is 6 inches taller than me. They claim that you treat women who are higher value the same as you treat a lesser attractive girl. That’s pure bullshit because I would actually treat the higher looks scale girl worst. I would tease more and I would neg more if she acts snobby. I won’t call her a no girl, saying why would you want someone like that? Or why focus on no or maybe girls. I say most of the girls are maybe girls for me. Maybe girls are the hottest. I am one of the most alpha daygamer on the planet if you see my infields. There is no fear, it is the mindset that I have higher value. It is why other dating coasches goes for 5/10 looking women in Vancouver and censors her face. So it looks like he is gaming 7/10 or 8/10. Just look over their videos and the girl. I am no problems dating above my looks scale. The odds are if he dated models. I have dated 4 models and 1 runway model before. Most likely he has done it though night game. I have done it though daygame. At night they are more dtf.

For instadates, the high value guy can just move locations to locations three times back to their place. But the lower value guy in terms of UAR and SMV (chart above). He has to compensate for what he lacks. He doesn’t play a privileged game. That means there needs to have a progressive ladder with qualifiers, flirt and touches. Also, if he bounced her to three locations and back to his place. She won’t even stay past 2. He would be friendzoned due to the lack of value. Of course, in the QFT chart, the blue represents comfort or a normal conversation.

For day 2’s, which means the girl is coming out to meet you. You will focus on getting her to open up and get to know her. I do a bit of DHV stories, but very indirectly to boost value. If you are privileged, then you don’t have to. I would escalate of course, but smoothly when I feel like it. I do use a progressive ladder, so the makeout is easier. I change venues of course, but go for the pull if she is already making out with me. I do hand hold eventually. It isn’t like I remember this step or that step. I’m not so full of value I just ooze value. If you are cooking a frog, you would incrementally raise the temperature so it doesn’t jump out. It is the same with the progressive ladder. It is instinctive and adaptive to the girl. The I turn up the sexual spicing. Justin Wayne and this other Asian dating coach said treat her like a girlfriend. If you look at the lover, boyfriend provider and friendzone category. If you aren’t privileged in UAR or SMV, you can’t treat her like a girlfriend. We have a ratio here at Wayne Dating lifestyle. Some girls are 50/50 like 50% treating her like a girlfriend. The other half spicing it up with more sexual seductive flirting. Or some are 80% romance and 20% sexual. The fact this other coach can say, it is just all romance or comfort building is purely out of privileges. Every time you focus on more sexual spicing, you can fit into the lover. If you use romance, you can make it smoother. But you won’t get anywhere building connection unless you are privileged in looks or natural status. The advice given to you, to treat her like a girlfriend and be a gay best friend. Will only get you in the friendzone.

I have almost a dozen ways to date a girl depending on how much she is into me. Some goes right to your place, desert first. Others are three dates to sex. Others are venue changes. Other is same day lays which is my specialty. Or near your pull location and back to your place. It is misguided to think there is a once size fits all. Like 3 locations and pull.


It is why my students are all pulling and getting laid. While the other coach has a 0% success rate. But one student pulled for his online program. I have 110 pieces of testimonials. But Lets say 1 divided by 100. I am 100X better as a dating coach because I am not privileged. I’m adapting better with game tactics and boosting my fashion. Also, testimonials from night game doesn’t count. If your students can only get laid during night clubs. That isn’t daygame related. Maybe stick to that instead. Or maybe, that other dating coach according to this chart saying looks don’t matter. His privilege doesn’t transfer to you, a messy haired, fobby looking Asian guy. Also, his theories are based on idealism, not proof based. Or maybe he has a blind spot because he is RSD based and too privileged. While I taught a ton of male model looking white guys who are tall. Maybe you guys should learn how to escalate too. Don’t let your privileges hold you back from touching. Also, i’m more relatable than these privileged dating coaches. Whatever I teach is based on my lower LMS. It is transferable to you. The other privileged dating coaches, their stuff isn’t transferable to you.

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