Mancave in Metrotown: Best haircut place I recommend to all my students


Hi guys, this is John Wayne from Wayne Dating Lifestyle. I want to blog about this amazing place I bring my clients to cut their hair. It is called the Man Cave barber shop. Long time ago, I brought a student here to get a haircut. I was happy with the results, so I used the exact same barber called Stephen. This is the only place I will take my clients to get a haircut. The international students who flies in to train with me get a haircut here, along with my local clients. Don’t go anywhere else, like Richmond or go to an Asian place. Go for a western place instead. vlcsnap-2017-04-29-19h11m07s593

As you can see, I didn’t put any product in my hair. I typically have the same look as my Asian clients or potential one. It really looks messy and unkept. It almost lowered my looks scale. Down a few points.


The hairstyle I went with, was a pompadour, undercut fade. They even put a line in it. All my clients around the world has field tested this hairstyle. All the way from Asia to the united states, Canada, Australia. It gets them laid from daygame. I don’t know the science behind it, but it makes you into a western positive stereotype. The point is, for daygame, it is field tested all around the world, in every culture and ethnicity.


In the past I cut and colored my own hair. I thought it was about time someone took care of it. When we walked in there. Everyone who walked out of there had an awesome haircut. It looked better than any other hairstylist or barber. My camera man and I were shocked. But they gave us permission to film our video there. I told them I am from Wayne Dating Lifestyle and I am a professional dating coach. They would out do every Asian place too. Giving you a western edge. I liked how the place looked like an old fashion barber store.


As you can see here, there is a pomade called Suavecito Pomade. I can’t finds this particular brand anywhere in B.C except this store. So grab one here. I always recommend all my clients from the U.S to use this brand. I even remember my international students flying in with this in their luggage case. I have tried many different brands. I have to use two, one for the roots and one for the top. I used Layrite. While that was very expensive, the hold was weak. Only Suavecito Pomade worked. I tried everything, including American Crew. This one tops them all. It is even twice as good as all the other stuff. Make sure you get a cylinder comb too, to spike up the hair.


I was giving a review of how awesome this product was for an upcoming video. My camera man said go approach that girl over there. I was like, is she a Latina? Well, here was what happened after one approach. It really felt like it was a lot easier. I had a lot more compliance.


I had a date or instadate right afterwards with the Mexican Latina I approached my camera man pointed to. So you can see how being a white washed, positive stereotype can help your daygame. Girls will judge you by your physical appearance. Whether you can fit into her tribe or not.


My other client it turned out also got his haircut the same day. But I didn’t ran into him. If Man Cave ever reads this. He shortly got laid in the past about 5 months ago when he trained with me. He met a Japanese girl. They are together ever since. Well more as a friends with benefits. But the exact haircut from this plasce worked. An Asian guy working there cut his hair. My clients gets results because they don’t use natural and direct nonsense other dating coaches teach. My students can out do them. The other dating coach only has one testimonial for daygame for his online product. His method doesn’t work. Zero testimonials daygame. Said something like a progressive ladder doesn’t work. Which is nonsense and privileged game. He is tall, strong and handsome. I’ll outline in the next video why he is all looks, maxing and no skills. Why it isn’t transferable to you. The second video will talk about preselection.


This was my old client. But him and his other friend who also took my bootcamp pulled a girl back to their apartment. It was my other students first class too. But this hairstyle seems to help a lot.

What can I say about Man Cave? For my review. I say this is the best place to go to in B.C. I say go to Zara for fashion. Use suavecito pomade only if you can. Also, I say go here to get a haircut. Show them some love. It is field tested and John Wayne approved. For the potential Asian clients who are on the fence. Why not come here and take my first piece of advice. Improving your passive value. This place will be featured on my two part series of Passive Value. The first part is height and muscles and how most Dating coaches has no game. The second part is preselection, using good haircut and fashion. I would not be using any heel lifts and any muscle suit to boost my height. I will show the instadate too. The point is, come to this place. All my clients and future clients will.


-John Wayne

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