Student semi pulled a girl back to her place in 3 weeks of training

East Indian client. Good job man. Shes actually very pretty too. While he didn’t f-close, it wasn’t the point. The point was his first Skype, he instadated a girl. Second Skype, he pulled fast. From a student asking me what is his looks scale. After a fashion makeover. To learning my game style from Wayne Dating Lifestyle. He pulled. To me like my other students, they are the real winners of daygame and life.





The losers of game are the ones who uses Simple Pickup and RSD. You harmed your own results. 1/5 Asian guys will never get married. 51% of Asian women. You are weeded out of the gene pool for not being socially intuitive. I’ll make a post about that in the future. My East Indian clients are out doing you.

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