Looks, natural status and game matters. The truth no one wants to tell you about the entire daygame industry. To brainwash you.

Notice how the ones who says looks doesn’t matter using natural and direct game are all good looking? Notice why most dating coaches are tall and white? Also, why you aren’t getting results as a minority following these white dating coaches or tall and handsome strong dating coaches. It all outlined here. If you are reading this, just watch the video already.

I bought up Asian clients a lot too. Recently a former student of another local dating coach. This guy got burned extremely badly by him. RSD victim. I told him to improve his fashion and hair. Got stubborn and said something about what, wear suits like you? Get a haircut? That’s so fucked because its called a blazer, not a suit. I don’t wear blazers all the time. Also, haircut? how about also get some pomade. Social intelligence which Asians has a hard time with. It even bleeds into their understanding of fashion. Fashion shows women social intelligence.

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