Why natural and direct game is b.s nonsense. (Video Advice)

Still rendering the video. But if you are Asian and thinking about using this style. I show you what happens when I use my body type to natural and direct. It is a complete disaster. It is a 15 minute video. Go watch it, it is awesome. It would make more sense why you are failing because you want to think looks don’t matter or height, muscles ect. This could be one of the most educational PUA videos you seen all year.

After we filmed this parody video of natural and direct. I went back to Wayne Game. Got a date with a Brazilian girl. Most Asian daygamers struggles with Latinas for day 2’s. Especially Brazilians. I’ve talked to a ton of Asian PUAs all over the world. I have been working on game hacks to make it happen. Most of the time it is same day lay or bust. There are new innovations and inventions in game. I’m working on a shorter version of the system. That would urinate all over natural and direct. I might include more footage into that video from the date and if I pull. Don’t have a camera man for that day. So its going to be challenging.


Creative and artistic vibe line.



Got a date later today.


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