I’m going to post a controversial video on natural and direct game.

I made a video yesterday. My camera man said natural and direct game might of worked. I just never taught him or he seen me field tested it. I did a perfect imitation of it. I used to use the style, like most of the Asians with no success. You would see how flawed the system is and how much unnecessary validation it gives. It looks good on camera for number closes. But number close videos at 2017? Come on now. Stay tuned, watch for it. I’m rendering the video now. You would love this 15 minute video. Hell, I even persisted like suggested. It didn’t work at all.

I once taught natural and direct. A mixed version of all the different versions. Guess what, I lost all my students back then because non of them except a tall East Indian guy got laid with an ugly Asian girl. Natural and direct is only for tall strong handsome white guys. With all privileges and no game. Or LMS game.

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