Emotional investment

If the girl isn’t emotionally investing or asking questions. She really isn’t that interested in you.  You can tell if you listen to her laugh. You are making jokes and her laugh sounds really fake. You better start teasing her more. The reason why she ask you questions was, she wants to see how you fit into her life. Whether you are a lover, boyfriend/provider or friendzoned/oribitor. If you don’t get her asking questions in daygame, you are doing something wrong. Forget about others telling you, that it isn’t important if she ask questions.

Ways of getting her to emotionally invest. Spice up the conversation with emotional spices to build attraction at the right times. What are the right times? Its something I teach my students. You don’t just switch three vibes because that is just overly spicing. Imagine you keep spicing the soup for a short time. It just is spoiled. Second, being chilled and building a solid connection. Talking to her later on when she is hooked like you new her for 6 months. Even matching her body language.

What if that wasn’t enough? Then forced qualifiers. What a force qualifier is, it forces her to ask you questions. Even if she asked you questions and you forced her to. Her subconscious mind thinks, she is asking questions, therefore she likes you subconsciously. One of my students shared a phrased he used to get her to ask questions for a few minutes. While the structure is the same, he adjusted the style to match his personality. Like a plug and play.  This guy gets laid 4X a month with new girls in a campus in the U.S. I’m very proud of you. But the forced qualifiers are super important.

Also he told me about his emotional investment bait questions. For me, I would talk about her topic first. Then say, oh I do something similar. It forces her to ask what do you do. But he came up with a lot of new ones for every type of questions. He is really smart. Its really great when your students goes above and beyond what you taught him. He even figures out new stuff. I do field test everything and use the field testing data from my students. I have no ego. If something can be improved, it will be assimilated into my system.

I hope this helped. Even to my newer students. Above all, get her to ask questions as a litmus test to your game. If you can’t make it happen, your game still needs work. Or conversational skills. Its honestly not all self amusement and say whatever you want. Conversational skills is something most Asian daygamers can’t do well. It is why it seems very cringe worthy. Obviously it isn’t the end all be all. You still have to spice up the conversation at the right times. But with conversational skills, she gets drawn in. You can’t flex your way out of everything.

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