Two students instadates

The East Indian guy on the left just really started to daygame. His results are fast, so he has potential. The guy on the right is his second instadate. He didn’t get any results using another product from a local dating coach. He said it was only 8 hours long. It involves tapping her shoulder twice, saying whatever you want. Just purely bad game. Then the free skype that comes with it is non stop selling a bootcamp. Isn’t it funny how bad someones game is that they can affect one of my current student from the United States? But he is starting to get better and better. I think he would get more and more dates.

How do I tell how good a student is? When they get their first number, their first date, pull and f-close. Its how fast they can learn the material and apply it.

client 1.png

client 2.png

You might just say instadates are instadates. But hey, it is a start. I mean the Asian guy was an RSD victim from the United States who bought a local online product that he considers total shit. My product is 14 hours worth of gold. He thinks it is the best one he ever seen so far. But yes, you get to see one of my disgruntled RSD victim Asian clients now. This is what happens to them and what will happen to you. Wait until he becomes a zero to hero. Pulls.


This is how my client started out. His appearance has dramatically improved. A lot of you think I am talking shit about RSD or other local dating coaches using copy and paste RSD concepts that doesn’t work. But you should see the frustration and tears in their eyes. Telling me how much they have been screwed over. This is when they learn from us and start to succeed. Until you have seen the look in their eyes, or the frustration in their voice. Or how disgruntled they were or misled. Saying looks don’t matter. Be in the moment, be congruent, be yourself. Say what is on your mind. Then you would understand and can empathize with all the things I have seen. Behind the words I type, there are lots of real human beings that suffers their style of game. Perhaps you just haven’t been burned badly enough. When you have, you know who to contact.

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