Why she really said she has a boyfriend…

The reason why she said she has a boyfriend is because you are not her type. Her type, tall strong handsome dating coach looking guys. Or your game sucks. Well if you go natural and direct, or direct, then automatically you game sucks. I made a video on openers and three different types. You can see it by clicking here.

When you give a compliment to a girl. You already get her to judge you by your physical appearance. Like I said, unless you are tall, buffed and attractive. 8.5/10 or higher level. You are going to fail for looking average. This is why most Asians fails using direct game. I’ll be honest, most Asian clients of mine has to be burned twice. Usually they go to RSD first and crash and burn badly. Then go to Simple Pickup like system. Crash and burn to the point of giving up and going to night game only. If they still did daygame after all that disappointment. They will come to us for repair work. But why get burned twice. Most of the Asian daygamers doesn’t actually blame the coach at all. They blame themselves for being Asian and white girls aren’t into them. They already wasted so much money, they felt they gave it a their best shot. So they don’t blame the coach for using idealistic snake oil copy and paste RSD or Simple Pickup systems. They blame themselves. No please shift the blame back to the coaches who taught you. Then they finally come to us. Then they get laid.

The idea of persisting is what makes it an uphill battle. You can in maybe a few cases turn it around if you are tall, handsome and muscular 8.5/10 or over. You would just be friendzoned anyways or it doesn’t go anywhere. Its actually teaching this idea of persisting that cause trouble in Vancouver before. There was a big incident over some other guys students persisting too hard when the girl really wants to say no, get away from me creepy. I wouldn’t date you if you were the last person on earth. I’ll just give the facts here in a neutral way. Actually this happened not to far apart from the Julien Blanc incident. Actually this incident, the instructor was trained by who else? Julien Blanc and Tyler from RSD. Or Real Sociopath Dynamics. Yes the very same company or copy and pasted material is destroying Asian students and dating.

Incident number 1 in Vancouver from other uneffective dating coaches

Incident number 2 in Vancouver campuses from other uneffective dating coaches

Never once has any of my students ever been in an incident ever. None has been kicked out of any malls, or campus or even remotely had a security guard even talk to them. None, zero, nada.

The solution is to change styles. I have three types of openers. If she is smiling, go semi direct, or creative neutral direct opener. Its really a neg/compliment or push/pull. Stop giving girls compliments directly. Or you will be filtered out and auto rejected. If she half smiles, I give her a statement about her vibe. That’s not even a compliment. If she frowns, I go indirect. I already can bypass the entire boyfriend objection. I rarely even get the boyfriend objection anymore. Since i’m not giving a compliment. This isn’t an intermediate filter game. If I gave compliments, I would never get a girl above my looks scale, ever. If I gave compliments 100 times. No matter how you spin it as doing something wrong. I am not her type. To her, I am just a skinny 5’7 Asian guy with no muscles and some sense of fashion. I’m screwed. On an intellectual level, you all have experienced that too. I met a guy on Grandville street. He said oh you are a PUA too? He told me he said, hi you are cute. I had to come and say hi. He wasn’t trained by anyone. He uses a short conversation and number closes. He was a white guy….. I asked if he went after………Asian girls. He did.

The other weird thing was, have you noticed that for direct game or natural and direct. The coach for natural and direct are all handsome guys. But direct isn’t. But for direct, they can never get a girl above their looks scale. Isn’t that weird? Its not weird to me. I can get maybe girls. By using compliments. They already got auto rejected by girls above their looks scale. So it is nearly impossible for them to get a girl that is higher on the looks scale. This is intermediate filter yes girl game. I’ve had clients who trained locally come to me. Then they get white girls who are taller than them. One guy, his girl was a fitness model and doctor. He gave no validations. He used to give compliments. But this women received absolutely no compliments or validation until she sucked his dick.

Remember, you have been warned. Try not to destroy Vancouver more than you already did with validation and compliments. If you were a handsome tall strong muscular 8.5/10 looking guy or above. Your compliments has value. If you are just an average minority, you have creeped girls out by persisting. Most of the time I can’t turn around the boyfriend objection because I don’t have the looks to. Or protector status. In those cases, you don’t know if it even went anywhere. Using archived footage. I don’t really need a vault of number close footage. I’m just going to keep things updated in real time. I’m not skilless with looks maxing. Or using direct game. I don’t need a vault. They keep happening like my students testimonials popping up. They just keep happening because of the style of game. I don’t even have to deal with the boyfriend objection. It doesn’t come up very often. I’m not going direct.

If you are Asian, you might look at me with disgust and not listen. You say I bring up race very often. You want to be enough without switching styles. You might get your ego hurt. You just need to completely hit rock bottom twice. If you aren’t in night game like most. You will come back to me to train. Then you will get laid with girls above your looks scale. I’m just telling you how it is. The guy with a 80% student success rate in terms of pulling. Over 100 testimonials and not from you guessed it, night game. I don’t even teach that. I don’t need to depend on crutches to get results. Neither do my students. They get laid from daygame from white girls. We aren’t impressed if the student is going after Asian girls. Maybe one of you out there, will listen and what I said makes so much sense to you. You have never heard this stuff in the daygame industry. You were so used to lies and idealistic thinking. It is refreshing, but feels foreign. You are the type of student that will be successful with my training. Just like the guy in he video above. He might of been the guy in the news video of the incident of another coach teaching a student in a clip. I’m not going to directly admit that.

Why not just start with me first. You don’t need to be burned twice. As the saying go. Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you. It applies here.

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