Instadate (two white girls)

day in the life 1day in the life 2


Just your typical instadates. It only takes me like three approaches now. Or my game is evolving to a point of efficiency. The question is why you should go for instadates vs a number close? You see these number close videos using direct game or natural and direct. You rarely see dates from these videos. You question why. You only see unimpressive number closes. But you see us Waynes doing all of this instadating, progressive escalation stuff to same day lays. There is a reason for it and why you should give up your number game spam approach methods and join us.

But with instadates, you can either go for a same day lay, or solidify the number by prolonging the interaction. You always wonder why the Waynes do that. Or how in the world d0 they even make it happen. How in the world do they make girls jump though all of their hoops.

So how do you get an instadate. I’m only going to tell you public information that has already been out there. My mentor Deepak Wayne has this classic line. “Are you a spontaneous person or a planned person? She replies yes or no. You have specific replies back that forces her to comply to go on an instadate with you. The reason why it works was in psychology, a person wants to be consistent with their image. So if you project for example they are spontaneous, then they act that way. My clients will learn like 10 different ways to get an instadate. If you can’t get an instadate, you then go for a number close. If you are tired of tall handsome privileged dating coaches getting number closes. Join us and transform your game around.



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