Remember this student? He turned into a daygame god.

He has got laid like once a week now with a new girl. 6X in the public campus bathroom. He has turned into a daygame god. I’m also teaching his brother now. Good to have you two on board.


You can copy and paste the screenshot onto another browser if the words are too small. But it said this below.

“Nice! Real talk my vibe and sense of humor is very similar to urs when I game. Playful,slightly sarcastic and friendly. Even when ur talking about 50shades of gray part and the rules. I always tell that to girls and say I’m 50shadesof#### lol and they love it. And I haven’t kept u updated but I’ve actually been getting laid at least once a week with a new girl these days. It just feels like a habit for success with women. It’s normal to me for that much consistency. That its like whatever now. My mind doesn’t even think about gaming or getting laid and its actually makes my game better. i even feel like I mastered pulling hot college girls in the campus bathroom lol there was 6 times I was able to convince girls to ditch class to go on a insta school date and fuck in the bathroom. It’s crazy. Maybe one day I’ll let my homie record some infield of me doing so u can use for ur testimonial 😉

Sent from my iPhone”

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