Video Advice on openers

Advice on openers. A lot of people only talks about direct and indirect. As if they were the only two options. There is also situational/neutral openers which are even better. Adapt to her state of mind instead. She will give you three reactions. Smile = go direct (with push/pull) half smile = situational.neutral openers, frown = indirect. It obviously isn’t calibrated if you go direct when she is frowning. So people calls it a numbers game, auto rejecting themselves that way. A lot of my Asian, East Indian clients goes direct with almost no results. Then I have to fix it for them. Direct will work for positive stereotypes sometimes. But with girls equal or below their looks scale. It helps Asians and East Indian students bypass the initial auto rejection and demonstrate their personality with Wayne Game.

A lot of people believes that if you get a yes girl. A girl who is equal or several points below your looks scale = yes girl. They believe as soon as she stops after they smash the inside of her arm and square off creep her out, self amusing. Come on now, there are maybe girls too. Are they worth getting? Its only reserved for those with a higher level of game that can convert them. A lot of time, maybe girls are above your looks scale. I think it is worth getting. Especially with Wayne Game. If I’m so wrong, how the hell did I same day lay a 6’1 HB 9/10 in this video? I shown a part of the clip at least. I didn’t actually go direct. She would of auto rejected me. Just think for a second, is there another hidden level of game the world doesn’t understand yet? Perhaps.

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