Lets talk some female psychology

If you are too serious, the girls will lose trust in you. They will raise their defenses. However, if you have a fun vibe, they will lower their defenses. A lot of the time, I have a lot of East Indian clients lately. One of the biggest sticking points culturally is they are very serious. There is this expression that looks very serious and not having a lot of fun. What that does is get girls to have their shields goes up. I’m not talking about advanced mindsets we teach to create this fun vibe. I’m brining it down to a very beginner level of understanding why you need to have more fun. I am not talking about beginners level direct or natural and direct self amusement. I’m just saying, you need to product some fun at times to lower her defenses.

Just as if you get needy though texting. You actually make her more flaky. You are forcing her to be because you are smothering her. It turns her off. Its funny how female psychology works. Also, have the wiliness to walk away from her. If she doesn’t reciprocate. It is time to walk away. If she knows she already has you, she will lose interest fast. This advice can be applied to any stage of the interaction.

Another interesting thing about female psychology was. The more masculine or dominant you act, the more feminine she acts. If you act like a women. Supplicating and being overly nice. Every time you let her get away with bad behavior, she will act more masculine and disrespectful. Which a lot of my Asian clients does. You lose a lot of attraction from women. By being alpha, I don’t mean a stereotypical douche bag. Or trying to square off, dominate her. Alpha means leading her where you want her to go, mentally, emotionally and physically. There are alpha traits out there. But it doesn’t mean you should be totally wreckless either. Women can sense these qualities. Instead of thinking about confidence. Think about alpha or masculine. Perhaps it is a better word than confidence.


Squaring off isn’t dominant. It is creepy. It turns off women to PUAs at the expense of that one yes girl out of 50 natural and direct gets. You alienate the other 49. They don’t want to be approached again. Actually I approached her after another bad PUA approached, didn’t transition and got rejected. I have it all on camera. I was able to turn this completely around purely with game and transition skills. Wayne Game.


I love how those two people at the back was enjoying every second of the approach. Like holy shit, this guy is so good. They couldn’t believe what they are hearing. It was like the first time they ever witnessed real game.


But how do women think? What is it like to think like a women. Imagine they think of emotions first without any sexuality whatsoever. Its just the platonic emotions. No logic at all, just that emotion. Guys are like shes hot, sex, point A to point B, lets fix the problem. Women are more into an emotional point. Then sex might come later in their mind. That might seem kind of weird to most guys. But you can’t persuade women logically. It is why women says one things and does the other. She is going though an emotional storm.


These are just some basic stuff about female psychology. Perhaps a few golden nuggets that will keep you on the right track when understanding and dealing with women. Hope that helps.

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