My East Indian student pulled in less than a month.

Just got this. My East Indian client just pulled. Do you remember this post I made less than a month ago? 80% of my clients has pulled. I have over 100 pieces of testimonials including videos and screenshots like this. Ask me for them, private message.

Its all about speed of implementation. I already cracked the code for minorities so you don’t have to. I’m trained by the best in the world. But there are categories of students. Easy case, normal case, hardcase and impossible case. Easy cases typically pulls in less than a week. Normal cases less than a month. Hardcases a few months. Impossible cases, a really long time. Its all how open the mind is and how fast they apply vs how closed minded and slow they apply. If you have Wayne Game, you already set yourself up for success. He dated so many girls before after my training. One girl after another. I told him to accept everything I say and get trained like I’m programming a robot. He did and took notes on every detail.

He uses my online course and skype coaching. To others it is like, wow you got a testimonial. For me it is like, yeah, another testimonial thrown into the 100 screenshot testimonial. Congratulations never the less. This guy was an excellent student. Don’t think for a second because you are East Indian you can’t get results. A lot of my students are East Indians.


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