Speak louder

Speaking louder is one sticking point a lot of student have. It is easy to fix but the most difficult. If you have a naturally quiet voice, it can hurt your daygame. Lots of Vietnamese guys are very soft spoken for example. But no matter how many times I tell people to go into the set, speaking louder. They simple can’t. They understand it, but no one can hear them in real life of daygame.

Imagine, if you were a girl and a guy just has zero volume coming out of his mouth talking to you.  You keep saying what???! Then you would most likely think, he is creepy, going to say something sketchy. It is an auto rejection. You can never be too loud in daygame no matter how hard you try. That just sounds like frat boys speaking super loud. When others can hear the daygame, it is fine. But its sketchy when you speak quietly and no one else can hear it. But there is a point of being too quiet. There is a point where she can’t hear you and say pardon me over and over. Its almost like you already lost the set in half a second as soon as you talk quietly. It shows the lack of alpha behavior. I’m not saying you need to always talk loud, but loud enough. Quiet people who doubles their volume only reaches the 40% mark sometimes.


Solution, think you are trying to shake her ovaries. I know that sounds funny. But speak from your diaphragm. Or other areas of your chest. Project the voice in an arc from your mouth to over her head. You can even learn how to project this voice into different directions and back to her like a hose shooting out water into an arc. When people sees me demonstrates that, they freak out. But if you have this sticking point. You should record your voice on a cellphone and walk further and further away each time. Try to talk loud without shouting. Some people say go to a night club and practice there. But that doesn’t work. This is a lifelong habit.

To make my point, watch a youtube video. Then turn the volume so low, it sounds like a quiet voice. Or 1/3 level of the volume. Noticed how ticked off you get and how turned off you are to listening to it. That is how the girl feels.

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