What kind of nonsense do they teach for natural and direct game coaching locally. (detailed outline)

Not sure how much it cost. Maybe $1500 or something or nearly 2 grand for a local creepy tall no empathy like dating coach. My pricing is different now that I work for Wayne Dating Lifestyle. If you want to learn more about why Asian dating coaches has social skills issues, please click here. But I might as well tell you what sorts of nonsense you will be paying for before you fork over your hard earned cash. I’ll say the idealistic thinking behind it or the intention that sounds good. Then i’ll tell you the reality. Or the proof based thinking. Since I also Skype coach internationally and sell my products online. I have a lot of experience field testing my game around the world.


Do you really know if they are even getting laid from daygame? Despite what they claim. Maybe it is from tinder and night game. Unless they show proof from meet, to date, to sex from daygame.


Inner game. What they teach locally was have blindspots for inner game. Be deluded and keep repeating affirmations that counters negative beliefs.


On paper this sounds great. But besides inner game, I have advanced mindsets. You don’t talk to your boss the same way you talk to your girlfriend. Or to your parents or to your grandma. So having different mindsets to adapt to teach is crucial. My mindsets are so strong, I often same day lay taller, younger prettier girls than most Asian daygamers. Mindsets are stronger than affirmations. Also, some of my mindsets are so controversial. I would often tell my clients to put on headphones or make sure no one else can hear it. But it works great. Deepak and I have the exact same mindsets. Its so powerful, that in all my research into inner game. Nothing tops Deepaks mindset yet. Its not even public knowledge, but he has the best inner game ever.

For openers. They will say open naturally as if you were walking up to a friend. You smash the inside of her arm hard and you give her a natural compliment. Be natural, be in the moment and say what is on your mind. Calibrate after the fact as they say.

The problem with this mindset was not everyone is as handsome as this coach. Asian students in general tends to have bowl cuts hairstyles or no pomade in their hair. Its towel dried hair, puffy afros. It looks like they are fobby or not white washed. Meaning not in the same tribe as her. By giving a compliment. They are giving a compliment much like a homeless person giving a compliment. Its very low value so they get auto rejected. They haven’t looks maxed because they believe looks don’t matter. So Asian guys will be auto rejected over and over and over again. They can’t demonstrate their personality. I would teach situational openers too. Direct only when she smiles. Situational or neutral when she half smiles. Indirect when she is frowning or upset. Adapt to her state of mind. Lets say if she is half smiling or frowning. But you gave her a compliment. She is really upset. You just chalk it up to her being a no girl. You could of got her if you adapted.

Then transition into my game. Like Bruce Lee said, be like water. Besides, this coach was kicked out of every mall and various universities. Is this really good advice? Most of the students can’t even stop a girl. Just frighten her. Spam approaching.

The three vibes. Basically one is called commanding vibe. It sounds like a boss yelling at an employee but in a happy douche kind of way. The other one is challenging. Which means when you say are you from Vancouver? You say it from a position of authority. Not in a passive way. Its almost being dominant forcing her to answer. Also the fun vibe or self amusement vibe. That is self explanatory.

The reality. It sounds good to switch gears to make her more attracted. But you need to be a tall handsome Asian guy with muscles. So if your looks are about 8.5/10. You are vibbing a 8.5/10 LMS. You try to be normal but you switch vibes. But it only gets girls below your looks level. I go for 8/10 or 10/10. But you would see this coach going for 5/10 censoring their faces to look like 7.5/10. Or number closing videos. It sounds creepy and uncalibrated. It simple doesn’t work like most direct game. Its all number close videos. In reality, I don’t switch gears this often because like spicing up a soup. You over do it, it just is spoiled. I have normal conversations. I emotionally spice only if she gets bored or isn’t interested to build attraction. But not every second.


Take the typical uncalibrated Asian guy. Now you have this gamey 3 vibes. Not only do they look like RSD victims. They are gamey and asking a million questions like an interview. I use statements and strong conversational abilities. I can out last a 3 minute conversation. Instadate and same day lay. My clients who learned this three vibes tends to give too many compliments and validation. Then they ask a million questions. Be too gamey and can barely put one foot in front of the other. Swallowing their own tongue. I have to do the repair work.

Tonality. Basically his concept is there are three tonalities. One is uptalk, neutral talk and downtalk or breaking rapport. Uptalk is bad because most Asians has this upward pitch at the end of the sentence. It happens when people has lower self esteem and feels they have lower value. Neutral talk is okay, but he claims it sounds flat. Also downtalk, it just sounds like more dominant.

This sounds great on paper. But most of the time, I have a natural sounding conversation. I emotionally spice it when she is disinterested. I hit her with a vocal modulation. I’m much more expressive too. I move my hands instead of squaring off with a large body for presence. Not all Asian clients have the presence. Also making constant eye contact, just creeps her out. She doesn’t even know what to say. I never square off ever. I have a superior level of vocal modulation. But I do have a natural neutral tonality conversation mixed with emotional spices. If you stood in front of your friend and you talked. But you squared off, its intimidating.


Social comfort/rapport/connection. For this category, it is non existent in the 3 minute conversation you are suppose to do before a number close. The logic was, build attraction, she doesn’t have a lot of time.

That sounds great, but connection and social comfort is important in my system. It draws her into and builds a solid connection. You reduce getting flaked on. You get her to open up. But if you were a 5’11 handsome Asian guy with good fashion and big muscles.  You really don’t need to build a connection. But most Asians are just going to get destroyed here. Also, most Asian guys who daygames Asian girls are going to suffer here because they only focus on comfort game.

Escalation, kino, progressive escalation. Non existent in the other natural and direct program.

Without this crucial stage. Even going for instadates. He doesn’t progressively touch. I need to, in order to get hotter girls. I’m shorter and lover on the value scale. If you are bigger, you can get away without touching. His presences does the work for him. But is that transferable. That is one of the secrets. Or it is your LMS vs hers. Which one says more to her? Your touch? or your words? A touch is always more powerful than words. It takes a huge degree of social calibrations to progressively kino. Like high fives, half hugs, hugs, palm reads, hand holds, kissing. Most people can’t do it sometimes. They are frightened they would seem creepy. But when I do it, I have no nervousness and she isn’t creeped out. I have a huge degree of reference experience. I have never been kicked out of any malls or universities before. Neither have my students yet.

I call this QFT or qualify, flirt touch. Level 1-5. The other guy talks about verbally escalating. We do that here too. We just categorize that as a flirt. So the qualify, or touch isn’t there. But if you want to pull women like mine. You have to do it. Especially if you are short, skinny or just average looking.

Would you pay $1500 to learn the three vibes and this copy and paste RSD nonsense? Mixed with some Matt Artisan and Simple Pickup natural and direct game? I sure as hell wouldn’t. If you want to learn RSD nonsense. Go learn it from the real people themselves. Not some Julien copy and paste game. No wonder you are failing. Unless you are 5’11 and 200 pounds of muscles. I suggest you don’t even attempt this. You would just stink up the field for the good PUAs out there. Wait are there good PUAs here? Not many. Just my students who doesn’t give endless compliments and validation. I can see why it sounds good if you are really good looking. But I have never seen a single guy doing natural and direct get a girl higher than them in the looks scale. At least not yet. The natural and direct coaches are often way more handsome than their students. So it doesn’t count. Real talk. I’m not hating. I’m just informing. If I say nothing, more Asians will be deceived by the copy and paste RSD direct game nonsense that doesn’t work for Asians who are short and skinny.

But the only thing natural about my game is my delivery. I do teach a natural delivery. If you take away the direct from natural game. You have some decent tools for delivery. But for Asian guys with a low universal attractive scale. Dude, you need to maximize your game too. Along with your looks. Most of you won’t even change your hairstyle. If I suggested it, you would cringe hard and get stubborn. Either learn Wayne Game or you are fucked. I hope I outlined some good reasons why you should switch to the better brand or style. If anything I have more testimonials from daygame than anyone else for f-closes, pulls, dates. Remember, if you see all these concepts taking that course. It was all listed here first. It is your fault.


-John Wayne



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