Physical escalation of the Wayne Game system. How does it work? Why does tall strong handsome dating coaches doesn’t physically escalate?

People talk about verbal escalation. But we call that flirting. We have a system called QFT. The first letter Q stands for something, or a tactic. So does F, which stands for flirt and touch. Q is rewarded with a flirt which is usually followed by a touch. This is called a progressive escalation. It goes up many levels until a same day lay happens. All of us Waynes has our own QFT actually. To match our circumstances. It if why you see us Waynes hugs, hold hands, kiss all that stuff. The reason why we do it is to built a romantic/sexual connection.

I’m going to submit an infield soon showing why our system can out do any natural and direct game nonsense system. I saw a video that people thought it was impressive. A 5 minute pull locally, or what Mystery calls the fools mate. She won’t put out. But I saw this local instructor talk about verbal escalation. But in our system, it is only flirt level 1, doing it three times in the interaction. Lots of steps are missing.

But why do tall handsome, strong or white/Asian dating coaches tells you not to touch? When they think of touch is twirling her in a circle or saying I don’t kino. Good looking people doesn’t actually need to because their presence or muscles, height is escalating for them. Good looking people doesn’t need game or as much game. Their game sucks, but they are privileged. That is the reason why their students often fail over and over again. They don’t have the same presence or body type. This progressive escalation system is the greatest equalizer to getting hot women. Most if not all natural and direct coaches are usually quite handsome. More than direct game coaches. They rarely get girls above their looks scale. Actually I don’t think they get much of anything daygame. I think it is mostly night game or other means. They don’t have a lot of good footage. The only touch they do is at the beginning. Which is smashing the inside of her arm to stop her with their presences. But that only gets you kicked out of malls. It can be done when you use your size or presence to dominant her. They call it being dominant. But teach that to a skinny Asian guy. What is going to happen? Does he have the same dominance.

Now I have submitted my newest infield of the 6’1 women and will demonstrate what real game looks like. While the other local coach demonstrated a quick pull on a hb 6/10 with the face censored. I’ll demonstrating how to pull a women who is 9/10 in looks and 6’1. I’ll try to censor her face as less as I can while protecting her identity. But enough to show you, that getting a girl above your looks scale and height is possible. I’ll be announced soon. This is just one of many same day lay videos I have in the vault. I do like the disclaimer of the other local dating coach telling people they might not get the same results. Or maybe you wouldn’t get any results. The disclaimer said the pulling during daygame isn’t typical. The instructor is above everyone. Also, it protects him incase his advice about sexually flirting backfires. If another student or PUA causes another big incident like this coach. He isn’t liable for it.

My disclaimer is 80% of my students pulls. If you don’t, you might have some kind of undiagnosed Asperger syndrome that can be impairing your social skills. If affects eye contact, social cues and social awkwardness. But they do pull, but over time. It takes them months. When my students dates so much and pulls so much too fast. They take it for granted other dating schools can’t even get any results for their students. They move too fast out of their comfortzone. Human psychology is a unique thing. But get that checked out. Sometimes it is a combination or comorbidity. Meaning multiple mental illnesses. Anxiety, sociopathy or antisocial personality disorder, aspergers, depression, narcissism, machevellism/manipulation. If this sounds like you, it is why a lot of PUAs gets their reputation of not being able to hold down a conversation. Being creepy and gamey. They claimed to get it checked out. But honestly, there might be a misdiagnosis. I call this the PUA diseases. So that means your training will be social skills based more than game based at the beginning. Your eye contact, body language, social skills will be boosted first. Before you apply game. Or you become gamey or weird, like RSD victims.

If you take away progressive escalation. A complex but powerful system of QFT, you are never going to get much results. Except number closes that leads to nowhere. Listen, if you are short like me, natural and direct will never work for you without progressive escalation. Dismiss this concept at your own imperil. Don’t say I never told you. You choose to fail by using natural and direct. Or doom yourself to just getting numbers from Asian girls. I know that is not the life you want.

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