What is the real cause of Asian daygamers issues? Where does it come from?

You ever wondered why Asian daygamers are never really that good when they are shorter, skinnier. Or wondered why most tall buffed Asians dating coaches who looks max gets results and their students doesn’t? If you count tinder or night game as results. I hope to change this stereotype. I’ll cover everything. as03

Their parents are part of the issue. They are called tiger parents. Although this is more true of the lighter skin Asian ethnicities. Academic success is often more important than social skills or seduction skills. The reason was, these fobby immigrant parents are usually in it for themselves. They are in survival mode when they moved here. They weren’t thinking of the next generation. But how the current generation can survive. They often expect their kids to take care of them when they get older. This is their retirement plan. So that is why you see so many Asians live with their parents instead of moving out. This is a form of manipulation. To be completely helpless by over bearing parents. There is a high rate of psychopathy among Chinese parents. If you see Chinese daygamers out there. You have noticed, they don’t actually have empathy or understand you. It isn’t a co-incidence. They see their kids as bags of money or robots that can be trained. Their lack of empathy means they see them as their retirement plans. tigerparents.png

The idea to most Asian guys are, if they get good grades and made enough money. Then they can buy a house and a car. A wife will magically fall into their lap. They are the ultimate survival value, boyfriend provider type. Not so much the replication value guy with seduction skills, muscles and good looks. Over time Asian guys lose out on their ability for social skills. It is why you see a lot of Asian daygame coaches and Asians are so cringe worthy. Like some form of mild autism. It is really the lack of basic social skills and communication skills. That is why you see behavior such as short conversations, uptalking, putting white women on the pedestal for Asian students. You also see the lack of fashion or bad hairstyles. Its always towel dried hair, baggy clothing or wax, gel. You always see them saying what is wrong with the way I look? Well you don’t fit into a white girls tribe. You also sadly see a lot of rich Asians who gets old. They established themselves, just to find that everything their parents have told them was a lie. A wife didn’t fall magically into their lap. They become disgruntled.


What happens was a lot of Asian guys finds RSD or tall Asian dating coaches to be appealing. They say oh they get results. But, don’t realize it was Tinder and night game results. Not daygame results. You have to ask yourself, just like with tall handsome white dating coaches, who has the same natural advantages. What factors was creating their success? Do you have these same factors? I suppose when the Asian clients doesn’t have strong social skills. What they see from this direct game coaches was wow, looks don’t matter. Go direct and be in the moment, express yourself. They do that for a few months and burn out on game. They are impressionable when they started. What appeals to most Asians are RSD. They believe by saying looks don’t matter, they are enough. Or some inner game bullshit. They often are like going out there with limited social skills creeping out most girls. Its usually either RSD, Simple Pickup or some form of direct game. Asians are addicted to direct game. This is the instructor who trained another dating coach locally. Both have been though controversy before. You can see it in their eyes, they really have no empathy. Not sure if you caught on yet. This sort of style or linage was what destroyed Vancouver.

The theory of looks (protector status/face/muscles/fashion), natural status (social standing, ethnicity) + how much game you need to compensate. This theory is universal for daygame. Honestly if I was as tall or strong as these other few Asian dating coaches. Who are essentially looks maxing while having really bad game. So their clients can’t use it, or isn’t transferable. I mean I do sometimes wear heel lifts to boost my height. Also, I wear this muscle suit. But I have to max out on game. Real game isn’t direct game. I teach a style of semi direct (push/pull), situational game, indirect game. As an Asian, you can’t go direct every single time. It is really about the lack of value. You need enough time to not be auto rejected to demonstrate your game.


The solution would be to stop using direct game or natural and direct. You can vibe your value talking normally and expression yourself switching vibes. But you can only get girls below your looks scale and auto rejected. You have to learn how to change your openers to match the girls state of mind. If she is happy and smiling, go semi neutral direct with a push pull. I never give validation without taking it away. If she half smiles, go situational openers. If she is frowning, go indirect. Now you have three different methods of opening and a higher success rate. Learn how to tease and inbetween conversational skills. Or social comfort. This requires a huge degrees of conversational skills most Asian daygame coaches doesn’t have. Besides myself. Also, learn how to progressively escalate. If you have height, muscles and good looks. Then you don’t have to escalate physically. But if you are like me, you have no choice. But can you do it without creeping her out? The faster Asian guys unplugs from this direct game cult nonsense. The faster they would get laid like my students. Its sad seeing this. I would outline my end game or the motivation I have of being a dating coach. Why I criticize other Asian daygame coaches. Even though my students clearly out does all of theirs combined. How I get hotter girls than they can. Taller, higher on the looks scale of them and myself. Doing same day lays. I hope you are listening. If not, you are your own worst enemy and have yourself to blame.

Its really idealistic thinking vs truth seeker thinking. Ideal sounds good. Proof based thinking doesn’t. Check out my testimonial section for proof. I better update it. I might even post a picture with a blurred face. So you know these are all real people just like you and I.

-John Wayne

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