Client getting dates now.

Dude, he instadated a Latina. They usually are flakier towards Asians. But its only been  like one and a half days since his Skype. Slow the fuck down, lol. He bought someone elses course in the past. He got one skype session or something that is suppose to be free. But just upsold this local coaches bootcamp for half an hour with zero advice. He was very disgruntled, like a lot of Asian clients that got burned badly by him. This guy isn’t short either. He just had no expression and his game was extremely weak. Remember when I said when other Asian guys takes this local dating coaches course. They become RSD victims. They give compliments all the time. Ask questions all the time, no statements. They can barely put one foot in front of another. They almost swallow their tongue. I wasn’t exaggerating when I posted that. You think I was making that up? No, I have to do repair work on a lot of his former students. I even have the audio skype conversation of him criticizing the course calling it short and useless. Yet phrasing my course as the best thing over. Well, how many times do Asians needs to be burned before they realize, maybe use Wayne Game?

If you take away my short height, decent face and the other local dating coach’s tall height, muscles handsomeness. We are both Chinese, so our natural status is lower. I am game maxing. He is looks maxing. You have to think since he has no testimonial screenshots from daygame results. Only one from his course, I got non stop testimonials. Where did our game come from? He was trained under RSD Tyler and RSD Julien. Which is unrelatable or uncompatible with shorter Asians. I was trained under Deepak Wayne. So if you compare over 100 pieces of testimonials and 80% success rate with students pulling. Vs, almost 1% students pull rates. On top of the instructor using tinder as bedroom escalations. Really if you break it all down, not look at our avatars. Just down to our game and what kind of success rate it provides. Go with the proof, not the ideals like looks don’t matter. If I can’t change your mind, you will keep getting burned over and over and over and over until you learn. I’m not trying to criticize someone due to jealous or anything like that. Especially when my game is like way stronger. I’m just trying to keep it real. Maybe open your mind. Its about getting you laid. My goal is to help the Asian race. Not destroy it extracting money like the other guy. It bothers me when tall caveman coaches, white or Asians gives their clients unrelatable stuff. Not all Asians are born good looking, muscular and tall. So learning from someone like that, with those factors. Do you think you would get the same compliance? I’m really starting to doubt he gets anything from daygame now. Its all night game and tinder. I’m catching on, something is off. Seeing the girls he goes after are like 5/10 in daygame. Yes this guy is like 9/10 in looks. Then censors he face to make her look like 7.5/10. Its really weak game.

Anyways, that’s enough about the other guy. I think in future post i’ll focus on my normal content. I just had to say it. Get it out of my system. Contact me if you are interested in doing repair work. If you trained from lesser systems out there and felt like you aren’t getting the results you wanted.

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