Teaser trailer for my 6’1 same day lay 9/10 or HB 10/10

Here is a teaser trailer of my next infield for the same day lay. In the past I started to pull 7/10 when I started. Then lots of 8/10. While another dating coach locally pulls 5-6/10. Not sure why, he is way higher than me on the looks scale. Taller, stronger than me. Maybe his RSD copy and paste game is so weak. Its not transferable. These days I only go for mostly 8/10 to 10/10. My game has leveled up dramatically.

Now I would speak my mind. I saw a trailer for another local dating coach. Its great he has bedroom escalation. But most likely it is from tinder and night game. Someone sent me his tinder pics. He spelled his name backwards. I’m not impressed. They should be at least linked to the daygame. While I don’t teach night game or tinder game.

scam jan.png
Using tinder for bedroom escalation isn’t really daygame results. Show the infield of the girl, the date and the pull. I don’t even use tinder.


If pulls are actually from Tinder. Then it isn’t really daygame pulls. Its really kind of deceptive. They should be linked together. Don’t ask me how I got these, a friend sent it.



Nor do I even go to night clubs or use tinder. Such a weak game style has ruined Vancouver. Giving too many compliments and turned off all girls. Having a 3 minute self amuse, one sexual joke or frame with a quick number close. Well not all clients have the same body or height or good looks. Also, using tinder is kind of pathetic passing that off as lays. I don’t want to sound bitter, that isn’t my intention. I mean number close videos in 2017? My game is already many times stronger obviously. Its not even a fair comparison. I’m a Wayne, so i’m not taught in the same bullshit RSD concepts that doesn’t work for short skinny Asians. That Wayne style already produce over 83 screenshots of testimonials to this date and many video testimonials. It isn’t from night game either. But I have to inform people that maybe if you take an RSD local style. It is game over.

Lots of people after that bootcamp of another dating coach. They often come to me with the feeling everyone is out to rip them off. They become very untrustful. They feel burned and disgruntled. Then become careful with their money. Then I get them laid and do the repair work. It actually takes a lot of work. The best way I describe RSD victims to my former wingman was. When they come to me, taking an RSD style. They mass approach with no results. They become so damaged in the field, they become creepy and weird. They can’t even put one foot in front of another and almost swallow their tongue. But you chose wrong. Honestly why ask him about me? He would just lie with misinformation. It is just a scammy business to extract money from RSD victims or impressionable people. Why not ask me yourselves? I mean I know some real shit.

Or even better, get laid by training with me. My goal isn’t money, but to save the Asian race and other minorities. Not destroy them like another local coach. You won’t last that long in the business or empathize with your clients, if you don’t want to solve their dating problems. I’ll give him credit where it is due. It is important to have a good natural delivery in your daygame. But if you pair that with height and muscles, good fashion, it works for girls below your looks scale. But if you add game on top of the natural delivery, progressive escalation. Wayne game, you would dramatically see higher results. I hope you are understanding my point. Trying to keep it real. I hope you feel me and understand what I am trying to say. Also, I make enough money already training people all across the world. The testimonials are from every part of the globe. Not just Vancouver because my game works everywhere else. Its transferable because I built the game to my body type. If I was a tall strong, handsome guy. I would take short cuts or be unrelatable to my students. Obviously I can’t take any short cuts because of endless compliance. I have to game everything. I make one mistake, i’m auto rejected. I can’t cut corners. Sometimes people looks up to a coach. If that coach gets results, what factors are helping? Notice most of Europe dating coaches are all tall, handsome, high natural status (ethnicity). It isn’t their weak game, but they happen to be her type. But most students are not tall, strong, or good looking. They are just average like you and me. Short like me, skinny like me. I have taught every race, ever major part of the world online.

Honestly, at this point in my life, I am even cutting girls out of my life because they disrespected me. I even got super hot 18 year old girls fighting over me. Especially when one is a HB 9/10. When my skills grows, I have become even pickier and pickier. Left girl middle eastern. Right girl half Latina, half white. My game is growing at a fast rate. I’m at a point where I should be more humble about it.



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