One of the exercises I have in my bootcamps

I call this sparring. I mean bad dating coaches who are unrelatable or can’t empathize with you. They often just tell you what you are doing wrong. But they don’t actually have drills and exercises to tell you how to fix it. This is just one of many exercises I use.

Those days are over. I have a lot of new tools and techniques, methods, drills, exercises to make it easier to apply what you learned in the field. This is a very powerful and innovative technique I often use. I would make you do so many drills over and over until you fix it. Then make you use it in the field. Speed of implementation or adaptation is everything. I don’t care if you are a hardcase student. If I treat daygame training like a martial art. You will still adapt.

I use it to fix my students sticking points and actually retrain him how to apply it in the field this way. Do you pay for a shitty bootcamp just to get a list of 4 sticking points at the end? I can figure out your sticking points in 5 minutes over Skype actually with my innovative game test. I can’t go into the details of that. But you can’t solve the problems in the dating industry with the thinking that created it in the first place. Sometimes you have to innovate your way out of problems. I designed this exercise to correct hardcase clients.

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