Local RSD victims


I do a lot of repair work with local students who took bootcamps from another school. With an RSD style. They become total train wrecks. Yes I have retrained a lot of them before they can pull. When this student came to me, I didn’t recognize him at first. But something clicked, I won’t say. Some people are just into coaching to make money. Not to help others. The RSD victims gets so damaged. Ask so many questions to girls, acts so weird and socially uncalibrated, it is game over. It is like animals to a slaughter house. Or a moth to a flame. Its like Asperger’s syndrome on steroids. Especially with natural and direct. Without the LMS.


The behavior of my RSD victims or students from a taller stronger instructors. They ask a lot of questions. They call it the 5 questions. It doesn’t work because it isn’t even an open ended questions. It sounds very gamey and shallow. 1. What is your name 2. Are you from Vancouver 3. how old are you 4. blab, blab, blab, blab 5. what do you do for fun. Honestly every single one of those beginner game level questions can easily be changed into a statement. You look like a university student….. Let her reply. Then you kind of can figure out here age. Or you look like/don’t look like you are from Vancouver. My students will go from statements, to open ended questions. Or statement, short DHV story, to open ended question. To her answer, to commenting on her statement. Talk about feelings to go though many levels of diving deeper into the conversation. I have a shallow level diving, mid level diving and bottom of the ocean deep diving as I call it to my game. This is before the fancy Wayne level escalation stuff. Yes my conversational abilities and my students conversational abilities are superior to that other school. Game requires some level of social skills or conversational skills. Game isn’t just compliment, what is your name, self amuse, self amuse, talking about an Asian guy, dating a white girl, are you from Vancouver? Vibe more, vibe, vibe, commanding, challenging her with the way you ask questions. Then sexual vibe or joke. Then command her to give a number or instadate in three minutes if you are buffed, good looking. Its really just an intermediate LMS filter game while keeping your hands in your pocket because your body is big and it has presence. It does the escalating for you. But can’t be transferred to the students. Its going after yes girls because of looks. But do you actually have that kind of look? Or do you have any yes girls?


You can’t find the solution to the problem with the thinking that created it in the first place. Come join me. Whether the online course with skype coaching. Or take a bootcamp with me. The prices won’t stay this low forever.

I often joke around local RSD victims are so damaged. They can’t even keep up a conversation. Become damaged good forever. That style only works for super tall, strong, handsome fashionable people. But I build a system that works for everyone. As I write this, there will be more and more RSD victims. The natural order of Vancouver. They will go into the slaughter house. Come out as meat. Or RSD victims, unable to succeed in daygame. While their goods are extracted. It is part of a reason I decided to coach daygame. To stop this madness.

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