Same day lay

Daygame. I might as well give you a bit of a preview. I won’t show the clip yet. I’m submitting it to see if it is good enough. You know how picky the Waynes are for infields. Just to show it happened. Not just some tinder date. I never got a single date out of it btw. I don’t even think I can get a single match from it. That is how low my LMS is. Doesn’t work well for Asian guys. Here is the interaction and how it went down. Do you want to same day lay other girls? If you do, check out my programs under the programs section. Train with me. If you are into same day lays. If not, you like number close videos and mental masturbation. Intermediate level filter game, then go elsewhere. I don’t care. The faster you fail in Vancouver and leave in 3 weeks. The faster you stop stinking up the field and making it harder for the rest of us skilled PUAs. The faster you go night game the better.


Daygame interaction.



Hand holding routine









Hand holding



Making out with her



Her kissing me for the selfie



Bouncing her back to the skytrain station



Holding her hand in the middle of everyone



Back to her place



her in the kitchen



The rest is history. Another same day lay


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