Skype coaching. Black student testimonial in Canada.

My student got laid. 50 approaches. 5 numbers, but 1 pull, 1 fuck buddy out of my training. Despite your skin color, or ethnicity. My system works universally for everyone. He will be sending me a video testimonial for my skype coaching. So you can see different aspects of my training. The last video was about my online course. This guy mostly just received only the Skype coaching. Regardless of which route you choose. My students always succeeds. I get a 75% pull rate from students. Other schools has a 0.5% pull rate. Or zero testimonials.



Go with the proof. Not the ideals. Sure you can get empowered and you root for the tall strong handsome coach you trust . He has good ideals. Meaning you can dress like shit because he said looks don’t matter. Be in the moment. Whatever new age self development bullshit that doesn’t get you laid. If a guy who said looks doesn’t matter. But is good looking. Then, its hypocritical. It won’t transfer to you.

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