Secret infield, now with commentary.

I lost some audio. But here is my tip of solidifying a number. If you aren’t a tall strong handsome white/Asian guy. Learn how to progressively escalate. Might seem weird at first or hard to do. But if you can hug your guy friend over the shoulder. You will be able to apply the same thing to girls without being creeped out. Obviously this takes training to reduce that nervous creeped out feeling where it feels more natural. Or you can just keep giving compliments like most of the Vancouver PUAs. Then have a three minute conversation vibbing your LMS which you obviously lack. With the bullshit concept the three vibes. Then make one sexual joke before you number close. Asking her if she text. Or you can actually not be a pussy and escalate. Not let your tall, strong muscular body escalate for you.

The potential clients I have the most trouble with is the Chinese ones. They are the most uncalibrated worst dressed and hardcases I ever had. They usually have weaker social skills because their parents expects them to be good at school. At the expensive of social skills. Locally we have a lot of these guys. Even though they got burnt by other companies, they trust them over me. Even though I can solve all your issues. Also there is a major fashion or passive value issue. If there is something you can improve, improve it. If there is something you can’t, accept it. But  hair and fashion can easily be improved.

Listen if you are an Asian hardcase, perhaps you should get Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero. Its a 30 day social skills challenge course. It solves a lot of y our issues regarding tiger parents. Find out more by clicking here.

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