Instructor gallery part 1

I decided it was time to release some of my dates and instadate pictures that are never seen before. Some of them are pulls too. You seen these same girls in my video. But not in a selfie format. There are more to follow. Lots, lots more. In fact I might even put these under gallery for instructor’s gallery. I have to keep their faces well hidden. These are all real girls that lives in Vancouver. Enjoy and be inspired. You can do the same with my training. Someone asked me about instadates. Well, that is something I can do well. I know every detail about how to make it happen. Also, the Wayne Game style I use, or my version of it, is notorious of using instadates to lead to same day lays. Or day 2’s.


Pro tip or solution: How in the world do you even get a selfie with a girl during the date, instadate? Its simple. She was emotionally investing first. What you do is say Let’s take a picture together. Or we are taking a picture together. You have to use a dominant tone. You can’t ask for permission. She will say no in most cases. Then you have to deal with the objection. I tell her i’m like a Japanese tourist. I take a million pictures. Something to remember my life by when I get older. Most of the time they are okay with it.

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