How to deal with rejection

This would help more of the beginner students. Rejection isn’t fun, but some people take it personally. You never should take it personally. She doesn’t know you personally at all. Just on the surface level. I never remember the girls who rejects me or their faces. No matter what happens, be indifferent to it. You get slapped across the face, you get rejected, you get a hand job, you get laid, you get yelled at, her friends cockblocks you. I say it is all fun and I am indifferent. Repeat after me, it is fun, I am indifferent to it. That’s the secret to dealing with rejection. Its all fun. Trust me, this month has been extremely cold early on, rainy and now full of shitty PUAs ruining it all for better PUAs turning off all girls like a light switch. But you know what. Even though I been through hell and back. It was fun, I am indifferent. That’s the solution for you also. Hey, look on the bright side. It is sunny again. Finally.

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