Vancouver student still retains his fuck buddy.

My east Indian student still has a fuck buddy. This guy does my progressive escalation techniques. He is meeting a new girl for a date. But he still has his old fuck buddy. But yeah, I get like 5 testimonials a week. Don’t use nonsense like give her a compliment, approach and calibrate after the fact. Or the three vibes.




Sometimes the best PUAs are not the best teachers. The mentality that a good PUA means he knows what to teach. But they don’t acknowledge Looks (height, muscles, fashion), natural status plays a role so you have minimal game. Most dating coaches are tall as hell and strong, white. So in their caveman minds, they think, well I get results so therefore I can teach. But your students doesn’t look like you. So you screw them over using stuff that is for heavy weight boxers. But you teach it to a light weight and they can’t make the same impact because they don’t have the same body type. Its not even game, its just because you are her type. That isn’t game. I’m fortunate I am hired as a coach for Wayne Dating Lifestyle. I will beat all Asian PUA dating coaches in the middle of the year. I am being retrained and recalibrated by D.Wayne. I will become world class by then. The best in the world. I am the best Asian dating coach for daygame, sure in the world. But saying, it is great to feel like other big Asian dating coaches are heros and you root for them. But learn from someone who has your circumstances. Who is like you, who gets the results you want. That is going to get you results. I could literally post testimonials on a weekly basis for the rest of my life. My students are pulling like non stop. You can’t. I will help all Asians unplug from the RSD concept natural and direct game machines that doesn’t work for them. I’ll be making my debut in a month or two. I don’t know when. But the best Asian daygame in the world in the future is going to be a Wayne. Also, he is going to Asian and he is going to short. There are no good short Asian daygamers in the world. I’m going to carve out a new category and crack the code completely so no short Asians or skinny ones are left behind. Help all the minorities too. Most of my students came from a RSD background or natural and direct all around the world. Gets next to zero results. Then take my course. They keep their natural delivery. But they install adaptive structured game with the natural delivery. They tighten their game, the results skyrocket.

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