Stop giving compliments. You are ruining Vancouver.

Shitty PUAs are giving all these girls compliments. Someone taught a bootcamp to poor RSD victims yesterday. Just to get fucked over. But after these women are getting all these compliments and validation. Some told me this is the third approach of the day. I have to say I am not them. They come from a shitty dating school that gets you no results. I literally have to tell women that. Some even say thanks for the compliments. I was like, it was a statement, not a compliment. When my camera man tries to give a compliment, she auto rejects. But when he goes back to my game, he stays in the set and can game her. You guys are going to turn Vancouver into London. London PUAs are the shittiest. They give her non stop validation until it is saturated with compliments. So it doesn’t work anymore unless your LMS is super high. Most London faggots, or daygamers. They, just made the place so bad, it is against the law to even daygame. Not only that, their game doesn’t work at all. They have to leave London and go all over Ukraine and other places where their accent privileges helps them. They game on easier mode and come back to teach them.



Londons best daygamer. Didn’t get any results in Vancouver giving compliments. You will destroy Vancouver the same way as he destroyed London. Congrats you newbies, learning a style of game that doesn’t work. Giving endless validation to Vancouver women with compliments. The greatest scam in history, natural and direct game. Keep telling youself looks don’t matter. Learning from a guy locally who is 3X better looking than you are.


Solution: Stop giving fucking compliments. Now the girls all thinks they are special and became validation whores. Yes, you will get bitter when daygame fails you. You will be disgruntled later on. I give it three weeks, most of you new students will quit. Welcome to the scam of natural and direct game. You were dumb enough to trust some snake oil salesman, so be it. Do you enjoy losing $1500 CAD? A fool and his money will part ways. My students pulled all around the world, only paying $250 for an online course I no longer sell. But if I don’t mention things like this, my fellow minorities will just get bitter when natural and direct game fails them. RSD concepts only works for good looking tall, strong guys. The solution is to give a compliment afterwards when they ask you questions back about yourself. They are emotionally investing then. Don’t give a fucking compliment before then. That is all. Stop peeing in the community pool basically. Or to one shittiest PUA in Vancouver who need to fuck off back to Russia. Stop asking girls do they like Forever 21 or H&M better. You just turn off all girls with that creepy indirect shit. Besides, do you care about that question? No. Try situational game. Fuck direct game.

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