Secret Infields

Hi guys. I’m going to be posting some secret infields. I’m not allowed to post any at my youtube channel for now because I work for Wayne Dating Lifestyle. But I suppose no one will know or care I will post it here. The bar of entry to submit an infield is super high with the company. While this skill level here is above 80% of all Asian PUA infield number close video. Even though I lost the audio. It just isn’t good enough to be submitted as a Wayne. Its been cold lately and harder. But the weather is rainy. It is better than last few weeks at minus 10 degrees. It is starting to stable off. I lost the audio for this infield. I hope you get some value out of it.

You might learn that hand gestures are important. Maybe not to tall Asian PUAs who has muscles. Their muscles and height does the escalation for them. If you are short, you better learn how to physically escalate. Yes, even being better than all Asian PUAs for infields isn’t good enough to have this video submitted. I’m still in training now. Adjustments are made to my game from my boss D. Wayne. Too bad locally people are taking RSD like programs. They will only last three weeks and will drop out of daygame. Poor guys. No matter how many student success testimonials I post. They just rather trust someone who can’t even get a single daygame testimonial from a student of success. I was once in the same position. RSD like training, with natural and direct game will only frustrate you. It would purely be LMS. Keep telling yourself looks don’t matter or height doesn’t matter, or muscles by a guy who has it all. I have a few more infields I will post here.


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