Latinas in my experience are super flaky

My former wingman loves Latinas. He is a good tango dancer. He does fine with them. But out of all the girls I have dated so far in my pickup career. One is flakier than all of them combined. That is Latinas. Someone needs to call them out.

There are many type of Latinas. But on a genetic level, they are all the same. Shallow, flaky and acts overly feminine, or fake, sometimes really crazy. But the crazier the girl is, the crazier she is in bed. But I digress.

Basically lots of Spanish girls are from different regions. You have the South American big asses like Colombians and Brazilians. You have the Mexican girls who are super flaky next to Brazil. You have the Spain type of girls who looks almost white. They have blue eyes and bright skin. Weird thing was, they all have generic faces. Mostly 7/10 or 8/10. But it never goes higher unless mixed with white.


They come here to learn ESL. Flooding night clubs in Red Room and other Salsa clubs being shallow. Big hip women are often more shallow. They want protector status. Besides that, I am just saying. If you want to pick up a Latina, make sure you really physically escalate. They love that stuff. They love money as one told me and they love tall white guys. They like Latino guys the most. But they also might sometimes go for Filipino guys because they look like Mexican equivalents.

Perhaps I can do a better job of learning their culture. Relate to their world. That’s one solution to the problem. I do know a lot about their cultures, but not in depth. I’ll solve this.

But for now, I say to other PUAs here. Don’t bother, stay away. Their behavior is like 0/10. Even if they act feminine, they’re way too fake. I don’t have a preference for race tbh. Just as long as she has the right body type. My former wingman said brown girls are the flakiest. Well, for me it is Latinas. We all have one type that is. Learn their culture. Latinas in my experience will flake on Asian guys. Unless you go for a same day lay.

What’s the real reason behind it? Most of the Latinas are sociopaths genetically. If you look at culture, South American has the highest murder rate in the world. Sociopaths are intense people wearing a mask. I know this sounds bad, but i’m brutally honest. So what happens was, if you argue with Latinas, you will see the stereotype Latina spit fire. The overly niceness or femininity is just a mask. They simply don’t have any empathy genetically. They simply don’t care. They really don’t have a high opinion of Asians. They will flake on you for a day 2 unless you same day lay them. They are sociopaths with a crazy sex drive, so you have to have a same day lay. By the time you don’t, shes already banged like 3 other guys next week. Most Brazilian women has cold sores in my experience. They sucked a lot of dick. This theory explains why Latinas are the way they are. I tell my Asian brothers. Unless you are muscular, or Filipino, or you can tango at salsa clubs, don’t bother. I dated a lot of Latinas. But mostly instadates. But they rarely come out on day 2’s. Unless you try to hang out with them as a friend, then you can spice it up.

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