Learn from the best lineage.

Sweet, i’m in the video. Even though I work for this company now. I’m just saying, you have to learn from the best to be the best. I intend to be the best one day for a short Asian daygamer. A category I feel I can dominant in completely one day. I don’t feel like there is any competition. It is mostly the tall handsome buffed Asian daygamers who gets an unfair disadvantage in daygame due to how they look. Or they happen to be more of her type. That isn’t game as me and my boss discussed. We mock you guys in private saying you have no game. Yes being shorter has its disadvantages. Most of my students above 5’9 tends to have endless compliance. That is the national average and you can bypass the whole Asian thing with it. But I can’t make the height. So you need tighter game to compensate. I still have a lot of potential for growth this year. Listen, if it wasn’t for this guy teaching me. I don’t think I would of been that kind of teacher who can get 75% of my students pulls. A lot of my concepts comes from him. Yes I have made a lot of adaptations for Asian guys in my version of Wayne game. Its kind of different. But it was build from this foundation. I’m honored to be his student in the past. Also, to work for this company. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’ve learned so much secret stuff or techniques, mindsets, methods from him you don’t see anywhere else on his products or videos. He is way better than anyone I ever seen. What I respect about him is he isn’t attractive. An older East Indian guy, with an accent who is bald. There are a lot of things I know that I don’t even teach my students or won’t. Or won’t acknowledge exist. There is some jedi level shit. While everyone or Asians are into this copy and paste RSD game. That’s what we discussed together. This RSD bullshit thinking they are finding secrets or something in game. In reality, just filling their head with concepts until they become RSD victims. That stuff only works for tall strong, handsome Asians and no one else. But I know some real shit in game you wouldn’t believe exist thanks to him. Different variations of the Wayne game you never seen from any of the other Waynes publically. There is another hidden level of game most white handsome dating coaches and direct natural circle jerkers will never know. They most goes after yes girls with their intermediate filter game of girls below their looks scale.

I’m just blogging for fun lately. I got bored. I also hope you like the new layout of my website. The funny thing is I am not going to buy the domain for it. I could connect my domain to it. I still own Elitedaygame site. But i’m not going to. In fact it amuses me I didn’t buy a domain name. I rather enjoy it this way. Even if it would look more professional with it. In the future, we have discussed. Most of my blogging would happen on Wayne Dating Lifestyle site maybe. Its still in the discussion. I’ll debut when I am ready. Still making some adjustments to my game.

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