How the weather affects daygame

I was daygaming for few weeks in the freezing cold. Trust me it is super hard. Stay indoors and try your best. Even that is hard. I’ll debut when I get some good infields. I have a few. But they kept getting rejected by Wayne Dating Lifestyle. Sometimes I lose the sound. The bar is super high. I’m receiving secret training from them I can’t talk about. But my game is being adjusted by him. Fine tuned. You will see me being the only one in my category. The short Asian trained by the best PUA in the world one day. But really, daygaming in minus ten tempertures was hard. The colder it was, the harder it was to build comfort. The less comfort, the less compliance. We use social comfort to hook her into the conversation to get her to invest. Before escalation happens. Regardless I got a few dates out of it. But something to keep in mind. At least the weather is stabilizing off now. It is raining a lot instead. Women do think with feelings and sometimes the weather affects their mood or compliance. Something to keep in mind.

I’m thinking of releasing a few secret infields soon here.

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