Impossible case student finally pulled

My student was an impossible case student. He didn’t give up because I told him not to. He implements slow. That is his disadvantage. Normally it doesn’t take months for my students to pulls. But rather less than a week. Which seems almost impossible or unachievable by other dating companies using direct game or natural and direct. rob

Long story short. He is 5’7 and from Cali. He learned from a shitty dating coach. I use that term very very loosely. Some narcissistic tall Filipino guy that only goes after yes girls. Or way below his looks scale. Nothing he said makes any sense. I didn’t learn a thing from his facebook group. This was the second butthurt Filipino to kick me out. No offense to my students who are from the Philippines who are pulling like crazy. This guy is a lot like the tall strong type who’s students only pulls from night game. More of that RSD circle jerk type of concepts. Most of the taller Asian dating coaches are addicted to RSD like concepts. But when they teach their students, they get almost no results. It works for the higher LMS type.


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