Update, student 3 lays in less than a week.

Just updating the students results. He got laid with three new girls in a week. When he could barely get laid before or even keep up a conversation. I have transformed his entire life around. I get these testimonials all the time. Yet instructors locally can’t even produce one of these. He would get me a video testimonial soon. But he is over joyed at his results. He only used up one skype session so far. But he followed the program to the letter. Not changing one thing out of place.




He also wrote this which I liked. In the Philippines people use this inferior RSD like system or rehash. They don’t actually get results like local people here that uses RSD systems. Once I do the repair work, they get non stop results. Lots of people in the Philipines are divided into two camps. The herd mentality (RSD like concepts), or the truth seekers. One likes mental masturbation, motivation and other kind of shit that has nothing to do with getting laid. Being passive aggressive defending a cult. The other just likes the truth. The truth seekers are my students.


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