Dude is killing it in daygame in the Philippines.

I turned this guy into a Casanova. He is killing it in daygame now. He is so happy. His vibe changed.

Also, fuck PUA Academy. Their bullshit RSD concepts. They kicked out me out of their facebook group. Some people were skeptical if this works in the Philippines because I’m Canadian. Rest assured, it does. Wayne game. My student here demonstrated it. I have a few surprises for you. I’ve trained up one student to be your undoing. The reason why I have this mission to unplug Asians from this RSD trash was they won’t get any results. They would just get depressed and start to get angry. I will systematically unplug them all one by one. Most loves the long advice videos and mental masturbation of it. I’m here to get you results. Even for my advice videos. I really give you no bullshit, no nonsense answers. In fact some of the things I have said before surprised you. You guys don’t pay me to motivate you or empower you with bullshit. You pay me to get you laid and get you pulls. I can help more people unplug as I debut as a the next Wayne. I’ll wait until the weather improves.


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