Is it better to use the romantic connection or romantic sexual connection?


I shouldn’t be writing here so much since the new site is live. If you want to see it, click here of

Is it better to use the romantic connection or the romantic sexual connection? What is the difference. It is who is using it and the circumstances. For LMS+Game, status plays a big role. You know my formula, but what does it mean?

When I first learned the Wayne style, it was from Justin Wayne’s products. I’ll write the last few articles before everything like testimonials are moved over to the other site. Trust me, it is a lot of work because I am flooded with testimonials of my version of the system. But if there is a race hierarchy. Yes I can think I am the boss and I am the best and show it in my inner game. But I have to be realistic. The top three race for daygame are white guys, black guys and Latinos guys. They do have it much easier. What happens with black guys and Latino guys are they give you a sob story how they are minorities. But they are actually positive stereotypes. White guys has the most status. Black guys has blondes lapdancing on them during daygame. I know I trained many. But taller black guys, not short. Latinos has this Don Juan romantic lover stereotype. Lets be real here, while they aren’t having game as easy as a white guy. They do have it easier than the other three I will mention. If i’m wrong, then why is it way easier for a tall white guy to get with an Asian girl? She becomes submissive but to what? His LMS, or status.

Well if you are in those three races or ethnicity, then obviously you would want to use the romantic connection. She wants to be your girlfriend. Yes even more testimonials I never posted. But my current East Indian student with an Asian girl. He did the romantic connection. In this case, he is a guy who got big in the gym, is tall and with my help, looks like a positive stereotype. Fast learner too, normal case. He takes everything I say and just does it. He gets from point A to B very fast. If you are an east Indian guy, you have no accent, it helps dramatically. You won’t be at the bottom of the pack, but in the middle. If you are white washed. If you do have an accent, like Deepak Wayne does.  You better have extremely strong game and compensate by working out and other areas like fashion. Also, use extreme levels of voice modulation and escalation tactics. My point is you want to stick to the romantic connection in this case or samepagology. Yes I do teach the romantic connection. But only to a select few clients.

Now lets talk about the other side of the coin. The romantic sexual connection. Here you have to learn to adjust the ratio of the sexual and romantic. I won’t go into a lot of detail, I do keep this sort of information for my clients. A lot of what I posted here is surface level stuff. But I have an extremely deep knowledge and since I am moving sites, I will post it here. testimonial-gregory

Another client of mine, just wanted the outline for the course. He used Justin Waynes romantic connection. But didn’t realize he was Asians and white girls will auto reject you when you do samepagology. Instead of getting frustrated, he contacted me and got some coaching. I created him some charts, which might one day turn into a book. But long story short, maybe switching to more sexual spicing and less romance works better. Save the romantic stuff after sex 😉

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