Blog is up at my new main site.

I would still make a few more blog post at this site before I migrate over for good. Check out my blogs there. There will be a new blog every few days to a week. I can schedule post there in advance. I have a wealth of topics here which I would re-write in a more positive tone. But there are still a few gritty topics I want to talk about here. Such as: Hardcase, but what is impossible case?   Why do Asian women goes out with creepy tall white guys.  Race and dating hierachehy.

5 Replies to “Blog is up at my new main site.”

    1. Hi, I made a video on same day lay before. In the future I could go more in depth on how to do a same day lay. I’m really busy updating my online course now. Posture video. Regardless the same day lay video kind of gives you a hint. Also, you can always do some coaching with me. Another student is asking the exact same questions about hand holding. It gets really detailed for the answer. Thanks for the interest. The coaching packages.


      1. Ok I was wondering on your thoughts before taking coaching, I see that you have a nice same day lay video I will watch for clearing my thoughts about my second question, thank you much


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