Been getting too many testimonials in the last few days to upload. Part 2.

As we are following the story of the other guy. 5’7 Spanish guy. Both the students who got laid are 5’7 and Spanish. One is in Europe. Although he was trained by Deepak and Justin. I’m not going to post his screenshot and let the other guys take the credit for it. It was a team effort really, all three of us. I don’t need the credit. He is secretly trained by me. He figured out a new natural style of game that works for him. With a foundation in my statements making game. The other guy is from the U.S. He will be in a video testimony about my coaching. Regardless I posted screenshots about him last time. I got testimonial he just f-closed a 5’11 blonde. He never thought he



I wish I had more Asian students. But they usually go towards someone who has no daygame testim0nials for students pulling. Gets no results. Then you see them with that look on their face of being ripped off. Like a moth to the flame. You chose wrong.


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