Been getting too many testimonials in the last few days to upload.

It is clear to me that my system is the most powerful ever. It has worked around the world. But I have so many testimonials in the last two days, that I can’t even keep up or upload it all. It is just flooded on a weekly basis for daygame. I am very proud of my daygame students. While other dating coaches locally would get testimonials all night game. Since they f-closed the girl, turned into a girlfriend. Or just all night game. It isn’t impressive if natural and direct game can’t get any testimonials daygame. The 75% pull rate is consistent. I am trying to figure out how to get the 25% of the other guys laid. They are hardcase students who argues back non stop. So far, it is working when they completely stop thinking and do what I say. Let me handle the science behind it. I am seeing a total transformation with one of my students.

These are all normal cases. They do exactly what I say down to the letter. They don’t question me. They just say yes coach, or yes sensei, or yes boss. Then their results sky rockets to a level that the world never seen before.

I’ll upload these later. But honestly, my immersion student. 12 f-closes? He is in Asia. But damn, I changed his life. He got 5 pulls here out of 6 days. Three different women, one 6’2 German blonde, same day lay pretty Asian and 2 f-closes average Asian girl and one pull when I was in the room.


Another student all the way in the Philippines got another f-close. He also got a same day lay earlier and another f-close with my training. testimonial ega.pngAlso my other Spanish student who is my height. He is dating a HB 8.5/10 and two other women lately. One even 5’11 blonde. He over came his mindset and is getting ready to pull. These students will be in a video testimonial on my new site. But honestly train with me. I’m the best for teaching minorities for my short height and skinny build. Whatever works for me works for you.


Maybe i’ll find the time to post this in the testimonials. I’m so busy creating my new site. It looks incredible and professional. One day people would know how good of a teacher I am. I’m sorry I kept this a secret from the world. I tried to be like Hitch for the last two years. The world deserved to be trained by a guy who can get them results. Even though this site didn’t look that professional. It was a lot of fun using it. I didn’t like the layout or the templates. But it got the point across.

I hope to train you in the future. As you read this hesitating. I have more testimonials for daygame than all of the Asian dating coaches for daygame combined. Maybe it is worth training with me. I would like to be your instructor.



He already is doing the checkpoints or romantic connection. My East Indian student with an Asian girl. He already kissed her and went though a lot of the checkpoints. Except samepagology. But that is for another topic altogether. I don’t believe in vibbing your protector status and preselection with zero escalation. When you are a negative stereotype, or short, skinny, you have to physically escalate. I still don’t have time to add these testimonials to my testimonial page. I am so busy building my new site. I wonder how am I going to post all the testimonials. There seems to be way too many. Or my style is so effective, it works for every race.

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