How to daygame if you are short?

Lately I have a few Skype students who are 5’2 and interested in skype coaching. I’ll offer my insight into this. Lets not be dishonest, being shorter is really going to make daygame a lot harder. Women are shallow and do judge my physical appearance. They want to feel protected and they look for a preselected by other women guy. Which usually means a tall guy. Also, if you look around all the couples, almost always it is tall guys who are in relationships. Since Vancouver is either night game (night clubs) or social circle game. Women are not aware they are going for super tall guys. It is just in their nature. Yes being yourself is important. But she can’t see your value if you can’t demonstrate it. Besides, everyone from 5’2 -5’4 gets the same reaction from women. A negative one. Everyone from 5’5-5’7 gets a bit more compliance but not much more. I fit into this category being 5’7 myself. Once you are 5’9-6’3, you have way more compliance. Your race, or other factors doesn’t matter as much. You are taller than the national average of 5’9. I mean if you pair that with being Asian and short. You will face an uphill battle in game.

For the physical changes, get heel lifts. They are things you put into your soles of your shoes or boots. I wear them. I am not stupid to daygame without it. The extra inch and a half of height, although not 5’9 yet, does matter. Of course if you are skinny already. Boosting your height really makes you look lanky. Wear fitted clothing. Baggy clothing makes you seem like you are socially unintuitive. Slim jeans and fitted shirts without stupid logos on it would help. Have spiky hair. Also, go to the gym. People are saying I don’t want to be bulky. I say, what makes you think with such a small frame you would get bulky? For every inch you lack in terms of height from the national average of 5’9. You have to be much wider and more ripped. If you look like you are on steroids, all the more better. To be honest, I fucking hate going to the gym. I haven’t been to the gym in the last two weeks. I pay for this shit weekly. But I still go because I know girls are shallow and they like muscles. I even work out at home. I do 300-500 rep exercises on one body part a day to shock my system. I figured if I do that everyday, I would expand my mental toughness. But that is part of a new from beta to alpha program I am developing. Just trust me, get to the gym. I mean honestly, what makes you think you deserve to date hot women? What have you done really for the deserve  it factor?

Mentally I have a program to deal with inner game issues. Like limiting beliefs. Also I would teach you how to reframe those beliefs. Then use those limiting beliefs combined with my inner game affirmations. We would smash though those limiting beliefs holding you back. I would also create visualization exercises so you can imagine yourself with the success. Even if you can’t now.

For game, you would never use direct game again in your life. Unless you open and she is smiling at you. Then go direct. Otherwise when she is polite, you would go situational openers. When she is frowning you would go indirect. They all transition back into the same path of game. It is a very adaptive structured style. You really have to be more dominant if you are short. If you are too tall, you have to play the gentleman. You really have to break negative stereotypes.

Daygame isn’t for everyone. You should use social game. I heard from other short PUAs they had some success from social game and parties. Maybe you should consider bar game or night game too. I like to train you in daygame if you think you can do it. While shorter students do struggle with game no matter what style. I would like to give you the best fighting chance. At least I am honest about it. Unlike other snake oil salesman who says height doesn’t matter.






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