Never daygame deformed looking girls.

Out of all girls, the ones who rejects the hardest in daygame are deformed looking girls. If she has a long face, hooked nose, weird eyes, squared jawline or something structurally wrong. I wrote this post after daygaming Grandville at night after a Drake concert. I got some harsh rejections from women who looks beautiful far away, but deformed looking close up. Weird eye bags, squared jawlines, protruding faces on the side, puffy looking face. I swear, I was in a horror movie. This women, my wingman pointed out, saying is she Russian. Hearing the word Russian I wanted to talk to her. When she looked to the side, her face pointed out really far for her nose and mouth. Maybe all the hot girls after the concert went home because it ended at 11. So they filtered out and what remains is the trash. Such a big concert doesn’t happen very often. The situation is rare, so I get to experience this firsthand. They have the least cool attitude towards pickup because they rarely get guys hitting on them. All the times I ever got in trouble dealing with girls, they all had ugly faces. Even if you go for girls who are 6.5/10 or 8/10 on the looks scale to practice daygame. Just make sure they aren’t deformed. Or they will act uncool.

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